Local Nomad talks new self-titled EP

Local Nomad released his new self-titled EP this summer. (Michael Desmond is his real name – Local Nomad is a pseudonym!) He also released a music video for the sone “Summertime.” Plus he dropped a remix shortly after. Not only does he sing, but he even played every instrument on the EP besides drums! YEM spoke with Local Nomad about his newest music and his busy music career.

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you first get into music?

Local Nomad: My attraction to music first started when I was 8 years old watching the movie Jaws with my parents. I was obsessed with that theme and begged my parents for a viola.

YEM: What instruments do you play? Was there anyone that was more difficult than the next?

Local Nomad: I sing, play guitar, bass, and piano (and a bit of viola). I see the guitar and the piano sort of like snowboarding and skiing and are my favorite tools to write with.

YEM: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Local Nomad: I would love to collaborate with Benny Blanco, Shawn Everett, Thundercat, Blake Mills, HAIM, Rostam & Jack Antonoff.

YEM: How does your personal life shape the type of music you play?

Local Nomad: All of the songs are windows into my real-life experiences. It wasn’t until this LOCAL NOMAD EP where I truly learned to allow a more vulnerable side of myself to come out in my music. The level of honesty in my music has become my therapy.

YEM: What are some of your favorite lyrics and what do they mean to you?

Local Nomad: I’m going to interpret this question as outside of my own work – I think some of my favorite lyrics are from the song “Nature Boy,” sung by Nat King Cole, written by Eden Ahbez.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return “

It’s profound & simple. There’s a lot of weight to this lyric in particular that has stood the test of time. It makes you think about how real love is the perfect combination of acceptance and letting go. It really makes you think

YEM: What would you like people to hear from your sound? What type of emotions should they get?

Local Nomad: I would love it if people would just listen to my music. Once I write a song it’s not mine anymore. I have no expectations for my listeners. If they love my songs, fantastic. If they hate my songs, no worries. The worst thing someone can say about your music is that it’s just “Ok.” As long as my music evokes something in people I’m on the right path.

YEM: Who would best benefit from your music?

Local Nomad: Equestrians and noble dog enthusiasts haha. That’s a loaded question, but I think people who enjoy bands like Glass Animals, Phoenix, The Killers and Young The Giant will dig my songs. On a deeper level, I’m talking about experiences that I’m sure others can relate to so for anyone that has trouble communicating their vulnerabilities I think this music can help you take an honest look at yourself.

YEM: If there was one artist you’d want hearing your music who would it be and why?

Local Nomad: Most of my heroes are dead, but I would love to show my songs to Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello, because I’m huge fans of both artists.

YEM: How have you been keeping your craft alive during this crazy time?

Local Nomad: I’ve been recording a great deal, reviving some older songs and creating new ones. I’m trying my best to take advantage of all the quarantine and social distance time. I’m staying sharp by kick-starting my days with a 3-5 mile run.

YEM: What’s one thing you can tell someone pursuing the same career?

Local Nomad: Don’t get offended that you can’t sit with the cool kids. Create your own path. Write your own destiny. Trust your gut and your personal taste. Be prepared for haters, but don’t conform to them.

Want to hear the latest from Local Nomad?

Listen to the self-titled EP here: https://fanlink.to/LocalNomadEP

“Summertime” official video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmEUc1Kd3nM