If you liked reading “Everything, Everything” you’ll love reading one of these…

We all know that the newest movie “Everything, Everything” just made its debut on the big screen, and yes, it’s just as good as the novel!
If you loved reading the Everything, Everything novel by Nicola Yoon, this list of books should definitely be at the top of your list:


HOW IT RELATES TO E,E: #1 New York Times bestselling author Nicola Yoon is back at it with her new novel “The Sun Is Also A Star”, and if you liked the passionate romance shared between Maddy and Olly, you’ll definitely want to check this out.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Natasha is the type of girl who doesn’t believe in destiny or fate, but when she falls in love with Daniel on a crowded New York City street just twelve hours before her family gets deported to Jamaica, she may start to believe there’s something much more extraordinary in store.
WHY WE LIKE IT: We especially love the twists this author adds to her novels, leaving readers on the edge of their seats!


HOW IT RELATES TO E,EAuthor Jennifer Niven also explores the idea of romance and love through chance and fate.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Violet is in a constant haste to live for the future and move away from her small town, while Theodore Finch is fascinated by the concept of death and the idea of the ways he might die one day.  After they meet, Violet finally starts living in the moment, but Finch’s moments are becoming limited.
WHY WE LIKE IT: Two teens finding each other while they’re both standing on edge definitely puts us on the edge of our seats!


HOW IT RELATES TO E,ESimilar to “Everything, Everything”, the main character in this novel just wants to live a normal life after being diagnosed with a life changing illness.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: After he lived a normal life for seventeen years, Lane eventually finds himself in living in a part-hospital-part-boarding school house while suffering with an incurable strain of tuberculosis.  As the gloomy days go by, he ends up running into a girl he knew years ago, but who has now transformed into a girl who shows him the brighter side of life while both their worlds start to come crashing down.
WHY WE LIKE IT: We simply can’t put the book down while we ask ourselves the main question: can a cure be found before their diseases takes their lives and their love?


HOW IT RELATES TO E,E: John Green is absolutely brilliant when it comes to describing the pain and hardship undergone while two teens diagnosed with cancer fall deeply in love.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Hazel’s days are numbered as her life with cancer is being prolonged with the help of medical treatment. Falling in love with Augustus, a cancer survivor, while learning to cope with her own cancer allows her to believe that true happiness really does exist – until she experiences the worst pain of all.
WHY WE LIKE IT: You may have watched the movie, but we love how the novel goes more in-depth when describing the feelings and experiences of each character.  A definite MUST read!


HOW IT RELATES TO E,E: Tamara Ireland Stone shows us that struggling with a mental illness can also be as severe as a physical illness too when trying to live a normal life.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Sam is a popular high school girl who has been diagnosed with Purely-Obsessional OCD and is constantly struggling to overcome the dark thoughts that consume her mind. After leaving the popular crowd and joining the misfits, she meets a guitar-playing guy who slowly makes her feel more “normal” than she’d ever thought possible.
WHY WE LIKE IT: We love how the author puts into perspective how mental illnesses can affect even the most “popular” of people we encounter, whether or not they choose to show it.  It truly helps us put reality into perspective!


HOW IT RELATES TO E,E: “Me Before You” definitely touches upon some of the challenges seen in the novel, “Everything, Everything”, such as the strong desire to put the happiness of the person you love first, even if it jeopardizes your own
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Louisa Clarke lived a normal life before taking a job as the care-taker of ex-Master of the Universe, Will Traynor.  Will is wheelchair-bound after a bad accident and through all of his bossy and hard-headed tendencies, Louisa learns to truly love him.  Little did she know, Will had an agenda of his own that he intended to carry out, regardless of anyone’s feelings.
WHY WE LIKE IT: We’re definitely a big fan of how Jojo Moyes explores the sacrifices one would make for the happiness of the one he or she loves.


HOW IT RELATES TO E,EIf you were especially interested in how Maddy and Olly’s love came with a huge price to pay, Sophie and Billy are definitely worth taking a look at.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Even though Sophie is content with her simple life in her small, English town, she definitely does not anticipate Billy, famous actor and national-heart-throb, to fall head-over-heels for her. Being with Billy means she has to give up her simple life and constantly be exposed to the media’s critical eye. Is she truly ready to pay that price in order to be with the one she loves?
WHY WE LIKE IT: Obviously true love comes with a price (most of the time), and we love how the author explores the lengths one goes to truly be able to find their own.


HOW IT RELATES TO E,EJust like Maddy and Olly (without the romantic aspect), Moritz and Ollie are two teenage boys who develop a strong pen-friendship with each other, but think they can never meet because they’re both struggling with life-affecting illnesses.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Ollie falls into debilitating seizures whenever he comes in contact with electricity. Moritz has a heart defect and is kept alive by an electronic pacemaker. Even though they both live on opposite sides of the world, are they willing to risk everything just for the chance to meet each other?
WHY WE LIKE IT: We especially love the whole risk factor Leah Thomas induces in this novel.  It’s definitely a page-turner!


HOW IT RELATES TO E,EMaddy wasn’t the only character who had been forced to live like she was dying, only to find out she had her whole future ahead of her.  Julie Murphy uses the character of Alice to show how her future had been completely changed, even though she didn’t really think she had one
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Alice was a sixteen-year-old girl diagnosed with leukemia. Thinking that her days were numbered, Alice and her friend, Harvey spend her “final” months undergoing a variety of errands that mostly involve taking revenge on those who have wronged her.  Everything was awesome until Alice soon discovers that she is now in remission, forcing her to face the damage she has caused.
WHY WE LIKE IT: Imagine recklessly living your life thinking you were about to die, only to find out you’re going to live. Whether that comes with positive or negative side effects, we love the funny shock factor that’s involved!


HOW IT RELATES TO E,EIf you’re in love with the emotional aspect of “Everything, Everything”, then this novel is definitely one that should be considered.  CAUTION: this book should probably be read with a box of tissues close by.
WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Landon Carter was a popular high school trouble-maker and Jamie Sullivan was a quiet misfit who was practically invisible. Landon would have never dreamed of associating with her, until a fatal twist had brought them together. Just as Landon started falling for her, he learns of her terminal cancer, leaving him speechless and revealing new aspects of his personality that no one had ever been exposed to before.
WHY WE LIKE IT: Even though this is also a movie, we can all probably agree this book will make you cry more. We really admire how this novel is realistic and pure enough to bring readers to tears!