Lip Candy shares what sets them apart from all of the other bands

Lip Candy is a musical band. Their latest single is titled “If You Stay Home”. Lip Candy has recently gone viral on TikTok several times. The band also has shows coming up where they will be playing for an audience.  YEM was able to speak with Lip Candy about how their sound has changed since they have been together, their dream gig, and what their writing process is like.

Young Entertainment Mag: “Lip Candy” has really blown up lately thanks to Tik Tok, what’s that like?

Lip Candy: It’s pretty nuts honestly… it’s sick that so many people look forward to seeing our content and it definitely motivates us to post more.

YEM: Your videos are all super cinematic, what inspires you to make movies rather than music videos?

Lip Candy: We want our music videos to tell stories. It’s always a goal of ours to be as transparent as possible about our lives with our fanbase. We want people to feel like they know us a little better after watching our music videos, instead of just watching us play instruments in an empty room (although we HAVE done that before HAHA)

YEM: How long have you guys been playing together?

Lip Candy: Since 2018:) We all met in college in New Orleans and immediately began playing music.

YEM: Are there any other bands that you take inspiration from?

Lip Candy: TONS. Too many to list but here are a few big ones…. 5sos, Waterparks, Yungblud, MGK, Billie Eilish, Green Day, Nirvana, Highly Suspect, Muse, Blink-182, Panic at the Disco… we could literally go on and on.

YEM: How has the past year changed what you guys do as far as touring, playing shows, and recording?

Lip Candy: Touring and shows obviously came to a halt so we really had to take to the internet, which went well for us thank god. We HAVE had a lot of time to make music, which we are currently releasing and it feels so good to finally be doing that. We also had our first show since March of 2020 a couple weeks ago and it was surreal.

We play again at the Peppermint Club on September 25th too:)

YEM: When do you plan on releasing a full-length album?

Lip Candy: We will probably release a full length after we release a couple EP’s, or if we get signed soon, which would be tight.

YEM: How much has your sound changed since you’ve all been together?

Lip Candy: Our sound has definitely become more unique since we’ve been writing together. Our individual tastes and styles seem to cook well together. We’re really proud of our work so far and we can’t wait to only make it better.

YEM: What’s your favorite thing to do backstage?

Lip Candy: Blast music and get super hyped. We also love meeting the other bands and making new friends. Every show we play always leads to some whirlwind of an adventure… spontaneous after parties, impromptu acoustic jams outside the venue, or ending up at a waffle house at 3 am with people who you just met… ever been to a waffle house?

YEM: Do you have any plans for a tour anytime soon? If so, when?

Lip Candy: We have quick regional runs planned. We’re ripping 2 shows in San Diego in a couple weeks for example, but we don’t have any crazy national tours booked yet. We’re currently on the hunt for a booking agent to take us to the next level. I think we’ll be there soon.

YEM: What sets you apart from a lot of the other bands that are out now?

Lip Candy: WE PLAY OUR OWN INSTRUMENTS. I REPEAT. WE PLAY OUR OWN INSTRUMENTS… oh and we also WRITE OUR OWN STUFF. With the exception of one song of ours, we have written everything on our own.

YEM: What is your dream gig?

Lip Candy: Headlining Reading Festival. That and Madison Square Garden.

YEM: What is your writing process like?

Lip Candy: It’s honestly different for each song. Sometimes it starts with a guitar riff that Thomas has, or a drum beat from Alex. Or we’ll all come up with a theme or a vocal hook that snowballs into a full fledged song. It’s really random and each song we write is like solving a brand new puzzle with a blindfold on.

Listen to Lip Candy here!