YEM’s TOP 5 YA LGBTQ Content of 2022

On-screen, in music and writing, 2022 was a great year for LGBTQ content. As 2023 fast approaches, for now, let’s honor some of our favorite YA LGBTQ content of 2022. The honorable mentions in this list were chosen because we enjoyed the storytelling and appreciated the diversity and representation of the LGBTQ community in these works.

1. Young Royals Season 2

Netflix’s Swedish teen romance drama, Young Royals, tells a story of a made-up Prince Wilhelm of Sweden. The series charts the prince’s romance with fellow male student Simon Eriksson, and the drama that ensues from it. In season 2 of the hit series, Prince Wilhelm and the rest of his classmates return to Hillerska boarding school after the winter break. The entire monarchy is in danger when Wilhelm attempts to get revenge on August and regain Simon’s faith. YEM chose this story partly for its unique incorporation of an LGBTQ storyline. We also enjoy the sizzling chemistry between stars Edvin Ryding (Prince Wilhelm of Sweden) and Omar Rudberg (Simon Erikkson).

2. Blaine for the Win by Robbie Couch

Author Robbie Couch is a Los Angeles, based writer of popular young adult fiction novels. The themes of his books typically feature characters apart of the LGBTQ community. YEM had the pleasure of sitting down with Robbie last year to discuss his groundbreaking works. We were particularly pleased to learn that Robbie was nominated for the 2022 Queerty Best Read award. Today we want to highlight his most recent book Blaine for the Win. In BFTW a teenager runs for class president to impress his ex-boyfriend, who dumped him to date more serious men. We chose BFTW as we admire Robbie Couch’s dedication to producing high-quality LGBTQ content that everyone can enjoy. Check out YEM’s interview with Robbie Couch about his book here.

3. Elite Season 6 

Elite is a coming-of-age drama that centers on a handful of students attending a private school in Spain. This hit series deeply explores the teen’s lives, interactions, trials, and tribulations. In Elite, sensitive topics such as racial bias, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, toxic masculinity, and body shaming are depicted as having terrible effects on the teens in Las Encinas. YEM did an interview with Ander Puig from Elite here.

4. Boyfriend by Dove Cameron

While there have been many other LGBTQ-inspired songs this year, one of our favorites is from songstress Dove Cameron. If you’re new to Dove, she is a 26-year-old singer and actress from the state of Washington. Dove has also proudly proclaimed her bisexuality and frequently sung about her preferences. Dove outdid herself with the song Boyfriend, about a girl in love and seeking to date a man’s girlfriend. Not only is this song catchy, but it deviates from the typical love songs we hear today!

5. Love, Victor Season 3

Last on our list is season 3 of the popular Hulu and Disney+ teen drama comedy Love, Victor. In the series, the title character, Victor, transitions to a new school called Creekwood High. The show chronicles his quest for self-discovery as he deals with issues at home and his sexuality. In season 2 of Love, Victor deals with the events after he comes out as gay. The series follows him as he works through difficult times with his family and deals with his relationship with Benji, which is often put to the test in part because of Victor’s family. YEM chose this series as it deals with many important topics in the LGBTQ community, such as coming out to one’s family. Check out an interview YEM did with the cast of Love, Victor here!