YEM Exclusive: Love, Victor Season 3 | Tyler Lofton Plays a Game of “Guess the Waiter/Waitress!” (Video Interview)

Can’t get enough of Love, Victor? Well, you’re in luck! While interviewing Tyler Lofton, who plays Connor, a bubbly waiter and student on Love, Victor, we felt it was only right to play a fun game of “Guess the Waiter/Waitress!” Connor’s character is the newest addition to Love, Victor season 3, and he adds a new level of complexity to the Victor, Benji, and Rahim love triangle. Watch Tyler try to guess some of the most recognizable waiters in pop culture based on simple descriptions.

If you’re a fan of Love, Victor, you’ll definitely want to see this and tune in on the fun! From Friends to Bob’s Burgers, we have Tyler go through some of the most popular shows and name the most iconic waiters we could think of. Be sure to watch and see how many he can guess! 

Don’t forget to leave any questions and comments down below and be sure to check out Tyler’s work in Love, Victor! You can catch Season 3 of the show exclusively on Disney+ and Hulu. 

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