Love, Victor Review: Victor


The final season of Love, Victor is finally here and YEM has you covered with recaps, analysis, and so much more! Instead of going over each episode one by one, we’re going to do something a lot more special – navigate the journeys of each main character of Love, Victor over the course of the entire season in 6 separate articles! You’ll get the breakdown of Victor, Mia, Felix, Lake, Rahim, and Benji – each with their own article dedicated to them, covering the highlights of Season 3. We’ll be posting about a different character each day. Don’t worry Pilar, Lucy, Andrew, and Nick fans, there will be plenty of discussion about them too! As an added bonus, YEM will also cover the best quotes, favorite Season 3 songs, and go over any unanswered questions now that the series is coming to an end – in all brand new articles! YEM is now your one-stop site for all things Love, Victor!

Today’s character is…


Who’s Door is Victor At?                    

Season 3 kicks off with a mystery to uncover: who’s door is Victor at, Rahim or Benji? While audiences may have been split on who Victor should choose, it’s clear Victor is still not over Benji – not by a long shot! When Benji answers the door, the two reconcile and it’s clear there are still sparks between them. Victor makes a heartfelt statement, “I couldn’t end the night letting you think I moved on.” This means Victor and Rahim’s potential relationship is not going further. Can the two remain friends?

Benji’s Stint in Rehab

However, Benji still needs to take care of his alcohol addiction if the two are ever going to have a future together as now he’s endangering Victor by drunk driving with him in the car. About a year after a drunk driving incident, Benji asks Victor to switch seats at a DUI checkpoint. He’s relapsed. Benji does the responsible thing though and gets help. This leads to him going off to rehab for three weeks and he cannot be in contact with Victor or anyone else during that time.

The Breakup

Benji comes back from rehab and visits Victor soon after. However, it’s only to break up with him, which devastates Victor. Benji: “It’s not what I want, it’s what I need.” Understandably, Victor takes the news hard. Pilar: “(Victor) didn’t even put product in his hair today – if that doesn’t say gay depression I don’t know what does.”

Parents Just Don’t Understand

However, this leads Victor down a path of further self-discovery. As Victor’s Mom Isabel begins to reconcile her religious upbringing with Victor coming out as gay, Victor makes a poignant statement to her when Isabel tries to set Victor up with another boy from the same church; “because we’re both gay? Are all straight people perfect for each other because they’re straight?”

No Good Nick?

That night, Victor meets Nick, the son of another family at the church, and the two end up hitting it off after all. Trouble is, Nick is only looking for a friends with benefits situation and Victor is looking for something serious. Victor gives it a go anyway, but after having an STD scare, decides it’s not for him. The rash Victor had was poison ivy. Felix even awkwardly gives him advice about it. Felix: “Put some cream on the ween and get back out there.”

Diego and Lucas

Victor still sees Benji in school but isn’t able to be with him, let alone talk to him as per Benji’s wishes. This leads Victor to download a dating app and make a profile under the name Diego. Soon after, he starts chatting with a guy named Lucas on the app and the two decide to meet for drag queen bingo. Sure enough, Benji is the one using the app under the Lucas alias and states he just wanted to get out and have some fun again. Neither one of them knew who the other one was until they saw each other in person outside the bingo spot though. This leads to “Diego” and “Lucas” hanging out. The two get to catch up, but Benji states he needs to keep things simple in his life to maintain his sobriety and is not looking to get back together. Benji: “We are a lot of things, but I’m not sure simple is one of them.” Benji’s Dad sees the two talking and later knocks on Victor’s door and tells him to stay away from his son because he thinks Victor is the cause of Benji’s drinking.

Nick Wants More

Nick has a change of heart and decides he wants to give dating Victor a real chance. Victor happily accepts. Nick even brings Victor flowers to show his new intentions.

Bravery Award

Around this time, Victor is informed by Coach Ford he’s being given a bravery award for so openly coming out as gay. The whole reason for receiving the award feels insulting to Victor. Victor to Rahim: “The bravery award? Seriously? What have I been brave about?” Rahim: “You walked out of the house in that pajamas and hoodie combo. That takes balls!” Victor: “Why do I always have to be gay Victor? Why can’t I just be Victor?” Rahim reminds Victor this is a chance to show he’s proud of who he is, which could help others who are struggling with their identity (for example, Victor’s classmate Liam, who Victor tried to help come out when they were working together for a class assignment) who aren’t as able to assimilate themselves at school while being openly gay like Victor has.

Victor’s Speech

Victor decides to accept the bravery award after all and gives an inspirational speech in the process. He references all his friends and his romance with Benji. Victor: “These people showed me what it means to be brave. You embrace the scary. Because a lot of the time, the scariest things are the most important.” His speech inspires practically everyone who Victor is close with to do something brave in their own lives. Victor is also inspired by his own speech. Nick and Victor immediately break up after the speech because Victor’s comments make it clear Victor is not over Benji. However, Nick takes the breakup extremely well and literally rebounds seconds later when he accidentally bumps into Liam, whom he’s never met? Victor also decides to see Benji before Benji goes away to boarding school, despite previously already having an awkward goodbye with one another. During this visit, Victor makes it clear to Benji he has not moved on. Victor states he knows Benji’s Dad doesn’t want them together because he showed up at Victor’s house and told him to stay away from Benji. Turns out, that Benji had no idea this happened and states that Victor is not a bad influence on him. Despite this, Benji continues his plan to go to boarding school and Victor walks away defeated.

Fade to Black

The Winter Carnival is underway that night, which marks the one-year anniversary of Victor’s move to Atlanta. He sees all his friends there and says goodbye to Mia who is moving to California, and it’s a time of reflection for Victor. Victor decides to go on the Ferris wheel alone when a surprise person shows up. Who could it be? It’s worth noting the Ferris wheel is the same place Simon Spier (from “Love, Simon”) met up in person with his love interest. The Ferris wheel was also the same place Victor went with Mia, despite wanting to go there with Benji. Make sure to watch Season 3 of Love, Victor, and continue to read these recaps for more!