New Music Friday: The Cast of Love, Victor Can Sing?

You heard that right. Not only can Michael Cimino, Bebe Wood, Keiynan Lonsdale, and George Sear act, but they’ve got a whole lot of musical talent to boot. Given the season 3 premier, YEM has compiled a playlist of their best songs. 

Starting it off is none other than Bebe Wood, with “Timed Test.” A hopeful track, it opens her EP, 21st Century Hippie, on a positive note. Though Wood is struggling with time management and navigating adult life, her faith in herself can feel like a warm blanket to listeners who are struggling with similar challenges. Following up is “Mathew Street,” an acoustic song off the same EP that Swifties will absolutely adore. An intimate reflection on the nature of nostalgia, its lyrics read like poetry – “I’m stuck in a past that I…/I’ve not lived before.” Whether or not listeners can relate is beside the point; this song is a treat to listen to, and Bebe Wood’s lyrical and vocal talent absolutely shines. Her next song, “Thieving Dreams,” is just as enjoyable. Even though it was released last year (like the rest of her songs), its clear doo wop inspiration would make it fit comfortably alongside 1960s hits like “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” It’s laid-back, romantic, and just about everything that makes a song perfect for slow dancing. 

Those looking for a sweet track exploring a new relationship’s ups and downs will immediately fall head-over-heels for “Young Love.” While the other actors on this playlist sing regularly, George Sear only has this song released – but don’t underestimate him. This single, recorded with singer-songwriter Carlie Hanson for Love, Victor season two, is super fun. Sear, true to his character, Benji, clearly has some musical talent up his sleeve, as he holds his own alongside Hanson. 

Michael Cimino’s “Cigarettes and Incense” follow it up. An emotional song that’ll break hearts with each verse, Cimino’s vocals are great here, and pair well with the violin and piano instrumentals. “Little Blue Car” is similarly melancholy. Released in 2021, it’s softer than a faded memory, a mournful recount of days gone by. Though “THE LOVE WAS REAL” is an expression of pain, Cimino’s latest single is a lot more poppy than its predecessors, bound to be loved by Shawn Mendes fans. 

Bringing it all to a close is Keiynan Lonsdale. Like Michael Cimino, Lonsdale releases his music independently. He’s been in the music game a bit longer than his co-stars, having released his first song back in 2015. Listening to his music, it comes as no surprise; “DREAMR,” true to its name, is dreamy to its core. Off his latest collab EP, 3RD EYE (with Intyce and Invadea), his vocals on the album’s opening track are effortlessly smooth. “Kiss the Boy,” his 2018 single, has a much different sound. It’s a lot more upbeat, a sweet, unapologetically gay song meant to inspire others (“’Cause love is a game we deserve to play out loud”). The mood changes again in “Rhythm & Music,” proof of Lonsdale’s musical expertise and versatility. From his 2020 LP Rainbow Boy, it’s an easygoing song that celebrates freedom and individuality.

You can listen to the playlist here. Let us know your thoughts!