Love, Victor Season 3: Everything We Noticed in the New Trailer

As June 15th gets closer and closer, we can’t help but consider all the possibilities in store for the third season of Love, Victor. These will be the final 8 episodes of the show, bringing our journey getting to know Victor and the other characters to an end. The season will explore the relationships and dynamics among the characters as their high school experience comes to a close, which leaves a lot up to chance. The trailer has clips of all our favorite Creek High students reckoning with their futures and figuring out how to cope with these life changes. With plenty of storylines to tie-up, we can’t help ourselves from trying to piece together what lies in store for the upcoming season. With that, here are 5 things we noticed from the new trailer!

1. A new addition to the Victor, Benji and Rahim love triangle 

After Benji leaves to clear his head about Victor and Rahim’s relationship, we see Isabel introduce Victor to someone new: Nick. It seems like there is some definite chemistry between Victor and Nick, and we can’t help but wonder how Nick’s presence might influence Victor’s relationships with Rahim and Benji.

2. New relationships and tensions for Lake and Felix

In the trailer, we see a really awkward moment between Felix, who is now seeing Pilar, and Lake, who’s dating Lucy. It’s soon revealed, though, that there may be some unresolved feelings between these exes. Could Felix and Lake possibly get back together? 

3. Mia and Andrew’s post-high school plans

One of the main focuses of this season is the way the relationships will change after high school, and it definitely seems to be particularly central to Mia and Andrew’s storyline. We see them both talk about “expiration dates” on high school couples, and how they both feel they have a potential to last longer. Hopefully it’s relatively smooth sailing for these two as they figure out how to continue their relationship once they graduate.

4. Hostility between Benji and Rahim 

With Victor on both Rahim and Benjis’ minds, it seems like we can definitely expect some tension between them. Benji makes it clear that Rahim is “not [his] friend” in a pretty icy exchange at Brasstown, so we’ll probably see a lot more confrontation in this season.

5. Victor growing more comfortable with independence

Something that seems really exciting about this season is Victor’s exploration with being single and more independent. From the trailer, we see that he has some distance from Benji, giving him the opportunity to self-reflect and look outwards towards other relationships. We can’t wait to see how Victor develops as a person, and hopefully, his experience with dating apps, which is joked about in the trailer, isn’t too awkward!

Be sure to watch the final season of Love, Victor on June 15th, streaming on Hulu and Disney+! Until then, get your Love, Victor fix in by checking out YEM’s exclusive content on the show, including our interview with Anthony Turpel!