YEM Exclusive Interview: Lonnie Chavis on young Randall for This is Us (Video content)

Lonnie Chavis is an actor who can be seen on the television show This Is Us and in the movie The Boy Behind the Door. Lonnie portrays the character of Young Randall in This Is Us, and Bobby in The Boy Behind the Door. This Is Us follows the lives and families of two parents, and their three children, in several different time frames The Boy Behind the Door is a 2020 American horror-thriller film. YEM had the opportunity to interview Lonnie. He was able to share what it was like to be a part of both projects, and what it was like to play his characters. He also shared a lot more about himself and what it is like to be an actor in the industry along with so much more.

When asked “How does your character on “The Boy Behind the Door” differ from Young Randall on “This Is Us”? Lonnie responded by saying “Randall had to go through different experiences than Bobby did. Bobby had a whole different experience. He had to fight for his life, he had to save his best friend, scream, kick, cry. Randall is going through a whole different time. He has to deal with racism, school, and girls. There is a whole difference there.

Make sure to watch the full interview of Lonnie below. Lonnie was really able to give a lot of good information about his projects and the characters that he portrays in both of them. The interview is full of great information and is very entertaining and fun. Both of his projects seem very fun to be a part of. It is great to be able to learn about both of them from his perspective. Do not miss out on watching Lonnie in This Is Us and The Boy Behind the Door.