Mandy Jiroux Is Hitting The Scene!!!

Young Entertainment spoke with new emerging artist Mandy Jiroux about her music career, what its like to collaborate, and Brittany Spears?


Young Entertainment: Hi Mandy, was just listening to your music. Really great stuff.

Mandy Jiroux: – Thank you! I’m glad you like it.


YE: Where do you get your inspiration from?

MJ: My inspiration comes from all different aspects of life. My mood that day, what situation’s I’m going through, people, places, etc.


YE: What would you like the audience to take away from your music?

MJ: I want my music to make them feel good and make them move. I want people to relate to it.


YE: How would you best describe your music?

MJ: My music is pop, but with great dance driven beats underneath the catchy pop songs.


YE: How long have you be singing? When did you first get into music?

MJ: I’ve been singing for 8 years. I started in music when I booked my girl group BG5. We were signed to Hollywood Records.


YE: What has been your favorite part so far?

MJ: My favorite part is honestly just the entire journey of it all. The ups, the downs and everything I’ve been able to experience and accomplish.. Traveling, performing, meeting great people, being in the studio with artists who inspire me, and everything else in between.


YE: What was it like collaborating with EDM duo Reez? What was the process like?

MJ: I loved collaborating with Reez. It’s crazy how talented they are at such a young age. Renze and Siem live in Holland, so they sent me a few tracks to write to and I picked my favorite one. That’s how Fade Away came about.

YE: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

MJ: I would love to collaborate with either Zedd or Calvin Harris.


YE: What can we see from you moving forward?

MJ: More music and more dancing. I am finally rapping up my first single and getting ready to release it which is really exciting. I’m also getting together my live set, so I can start performing my music. I also have a fitness dance cardio work out program coming out this month.


YE: If there was one song that you could say was yours from the history of music, which would it be and why?

MJ: I would say “Slave For You” by Britney Spears. The song, music video, and even her 2001 MTV Awards performance of that song made an impact on me. I wanted to so badly be Britney or just one of her dancers in those performances. I would stand in front of my mirror in my room, sing into a hairbrush and pretend I was her.