Marvel’s New Superhero Movie “Eternals”

Marvel really went all out for this one! Starring Angelina Jolie, Kit Harrington, and Millie Bobby Brown, “Eternals” will be released in theaters on November 5!

Eternals is part of the MCU Phase 4 group. Infact, it is the third installment of the group. The movie is directed by none other than Academy Award winner, Chloé Zhao. She’s known for her directing talents in Nomadland. There’s no bet that she’ll bring the roof down with this one either and by the looks of it she’s got a lot to offer. 

The teaser trailer has only been out since the 24th but is already #1 on trending on YouTube. That makes sense since Marvel is internationally known and loved by millions. 

This Marvel movie stars many A-list celebrities. Appearing in the Poster and the Teaser Trailer are Angelina Jolie, Millie Bobby Brown, and Kit Harrington. All these actors have either acted in supernatural and war genres. So, this isn’t completely their first time in these types of movies but, it is their first time acting in a Marvel movie. Knowing their previous works, there’s no doubt that they will deliver nothing less than their best.

So, the trailer had great graphics, visuals, and the story plot seemed great. The plot is about a group of immortal heroes that are forced out of the shadows. The reason behind this was to reunite against The Deviants. Some of the heros that will be in the team against The Deviants are, the wise and spiritual leader Ajak (played by Salma Hayek), the fierce warrior Thena (played by Angelina Jolie), the all powerful Ikharis (played by Richard Madden), and Druig the loner (Barry Keohgan). That’s not even all of them!

So, Marvel seems to have really outdid themselves with the Teaser Trailer. Hopefully, the movie lives up to their expectations! Watch it now on YouTube!