Matthew Hoffman shares with YEM what it’s like to do voice over work

Matthew Hoffman an American television host and personality. He is the narrator of the hit reality show Love Island for CBS. The latest season returned on July 7th and ran through August 15th.  YEM was able to speak with Matthew about when he started narrating for Love Island. He also discussed philanthropic program “Tuesdays with Matthew”. Matthew’s favorite Love Island episode was also revealed!

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you start narrating for Love Island and what was the series’ return like for you? 

Matthew Hoffman: I first started narrating for Love Island on its very first episode in Fiji in 2019. Thousands of voice overs later – it has been the most insane ride! 

YEM: Are there other projects that you’ve narrated or commentated for?

Matthew: Other than the multiple voices in my head commenting on my daily shenanigans……Love Island  is the first professional Narration job I’ve had!

YEM: How did you come up with your unique, snappy style of narration?

Matthew: My personal Narration style for Love Island is a combination of format, storytelling, and observational humor through the most ridiculous lens possible! 

YEM: What is it about your narration that you think makes you so memorable amongst fans?

Matthew: I can’t really speak to that. I can say that the highest compliment I receive is when people message me and say that they feel they are watching the show with their best friend – and the fact that the viewers don’t see me probablyyy helps a great deal – hahah! 

YEM: Do the love islanders you narrate for ever get to meet you, or do they only know you as an invisible voice?

Matthew: I met most Islanders in person at the end of Season One in Fiji, and it was the best! Season Two was logistically tough due to the pandemic – however I’m so grateful  that I got to interview our final couples after the finale! Watching the show like I do,  I feel as if they are my imaginary friends- so to actually connect – is the coolest! 

YEM: Tell us a little bit about your philanthropic program “Tuesdays with Matthew.” How did you get started teaching senior citizens to act?

Matthew: I have been volunteering with Tuesdays With Matthew every week since 2012. Since inception it has evolved so much, and has literally  transformed me on every level. TWM is a weekly volunteer program for SCENE-ior Citizens that takes iconic scenes from famous movies and recreates them with the SCENE-iors starring as the leads. In addition to the weekly program I teach we have been known to make our own movies. My intention is to make the SCENE-iors feel like Movie Stars, and use TWM as a vehicle to raise money for Meals On Wheels. In the past I  have taken TWM on the road to volunteer in other centers to spread some joy! I donate all the proceeds from “appearance fees” to Meals On Wheels – so the program can affect Seniors I will never meet. The Pandemic has obviously been very tough for the Senior population – but I’m very proud that we still managed to raise about $15,000 for Meals On Wheels during this really difficult year. I can’t wait to reunite with my Scene-iors as soon as my center reopens and it’s safe! 

YEM: What is the process like when you get together with your Love Island co-writers and think up the perfect things to say?

Matthew: I get in very early in the morning and watch the show just like the viewer does! I work with the most incredible Voice Over Producers ( I am also a VO Producer on the show) and We watch the show together as the viewer would and pause the show while we are watching and say what we see! I am very adamant that I never want to know anything that happened the night before. It’s very important to me to know nothing more than the viewer does, so the viewer and I are always on the same page. 

YEM: Have you ever done acting or voice-acting? Would you consider doing either of those in the future?

Matthew: Love Island is my first foray into the magical world of Voice Overs!

YEM: Do you have a favorite Love Island episode? 

Matthew: I would have to say Casa Amor episodes are my favorite! Justtttt when I’ve finally memorized everyone’s names our producers pack the Villa with brand new Islanders. It’s always exciting to watch the Islanders react to their new situation.

YEM: What would you call your style of humor? 

Matthew: My style of humor is like my diary entries – it scares my Mother but some people might find it amusing………

YEM: What do you love most about working on Love Island? 

Matthew: I never knew how much fun I could have by spending my Summers working in a padded, windowless, room! Three things immediately come to mind:  1) The double chocolate chip cookies at Craft Service. 2) The hundreds of Love Island Family members that make this show what it is and get it to air every single day….. 3) THE FANS! Love Island has the most incredible fan base, and interacting with them every night on Twitter is my favorite thing to do! 

YEM: What encouragement do you have for aspiring narrators, commentators, or actors?

Matthew: Never do anything less than your personal best no matter how big or small the task, and never ever give up on your dreams. You just can’t quit. Unless of course you started your day with a superrrrr heavy breakfast burrito from the drive thru near your house, then you nap and hit the ground running first thing in the morning. 

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