Meet the cast of “Looking For Alaska”

It was recently announced that the popular John Green novel “Looking For Alaska” will be made into a series. The 8-episode limited series will air on Hulu. Now, Hulu just released the full cast list for the “Looking For Alaska” series.

First, Kristine Froseth and Charlie Plummer were announced as the shows leads. Now, Hulu has announced the full list of series regulars. And some are big names that fans will be excited to see! Also, additional series regulars include Denny Love, Jay Lee, Landry Bender, Sofia Vassilieva, Uriah Shelton, Jordan Connor, Timothy Simons, and Ron Cephas Jones.

Furthermore, Denny Love will play The Colonel, a scholarship student and under orders from his mother to get a good enough education. He’s an enemy of the lacrosse jocks (aka “The Weekday Warriors”), and regards Alaska, Miles, and Takumi as his friends. Jay Lee will play Takumi, a member of The Colonel’s group of outcasts. And Landry Bender will play Sara, The Colonel’s girlfriend. Sofia Vassilieva is well known for her roles in “Eloise at the Plaza,” “My Sister’s Keeper,” and “Supergirl.” She will play Lara, who develops a crush on Miles.

Credit: Theo and Juliet

Also, two big names on the show include Uriah Shelton and Jordan Connor. Uriah is best known for his role on 13 Reasons Why and his role on Girl Meets World as Josh. In the “Looking For Alaska” series, Uriah will play Longwell, a handsome, rich and entitled jock. Jordan Connor is best known for his role on Riverdale as Southside Serpent Sweet Pea. He will play Kevin, Longwell’s acolyte (and not so bright friend).

Finally, Timothy Simons is known for his role in the hit HBO series Veep. Simons has been cast in the role of The Eagle. The Eagle is devoted to the code of Culver Creek Academy. Ron Cephas Jones recently won an Emmy Award for his role as William on the popular show This Is Us. Ron will play Dr. Hyde, a History of Religion teacher at Culver Creek Academy, who is impossibly old, with only one lung. But once he’s in full command, Dr. Hyde is an enthralling presence who finds his own jokes amusing and who has been very smart for a very long time indeed.

Furthermore, he series is told through the eyes of teenager Miles “Pudge” Halter (Plummer), as he enrolls in boarding school to try to gain a deeper perspective on life. While there, he falls in love with a girl, Alaska Young (Froseth). But after her unexpected death, he and his close friends attempt to uncover the truth behind her death and make sense of it.