Must List: Week Of October 18th, 2015

5 Seconds of Summer, Sounds Good Feels Good

The Australian pop-punkers we know and love are finally back with a new full length release and an anthemic new single “Hey Everybody!” Check out the new video above and the new album on October 23rd!!!

Jem And The Holograms

Aagghhhh! The music movie of the year is finally here!! Whether you are a fan of the original 80’s series or just a newbie to the world of Jem, track young Jerrica’s course from YouTube sensation to Superstar in the live action adaptation!!!

The Distance From Me to You, Marina Gessner


McKenna defers college for a year, in a move not expected by her parents, to hike the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia. During her journey, she meets the troubled Sam, and the two quickly develop a bond and an intense romance, and along the way McKenna learns about herself and about love as the mismatched couple find themselves off the trail and out of their element.

Jane The Virgin

The sophomore CW hit is back FINALLY. In the second episode of the new season we catch up on all drama in sweet Jane’s world as kidnappings and sperm samples create a lot of confusion. Check out a tease above!!! This Monday things get even more confusing when Kesha visits and when Jane starts seeing double!

Willful Machines, Tim Floreen


In the near future, the son of the President of United States of America Lee has a lot on his plate. 1. He’s closeted and nursing a crush on the bad boy at school. 2. He’s trying to keep said crush etc. from the all-seeing Secret Service. 3. And, oh yeah, there’s a nearly human super robot named Charlotte who’s terrorizing the whole nation and it looks like Lee is her next target!

Vampire Diaries

As life marches on for our fave vamps, witches, and mortals in Elena’s absence, we sit and wonder, what precisely is going on with those crazy Heretics? Find out for yourself as season 7 continues!!!

Wolf by Wolf, Ryan Graudin


Imagine a Europe where Hitler and the Nazis weren’t defeated, but instead conquered the continent and ruled. In this world in 1956, a young survivor of a concentration camp seeks to set history right by winning a cross-continental motorcycle race that will win her a meet-and-greet with none other than Adolf Hitler, whom she promptly intends to assassinate. Get on this pulse-pounding motorcycle ride for all the historical action.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

This CW newb is only on its second episode and already it’s getting like ALL the buzzzzz. Follow the story of New York lawyer Rebecca as she drops her high pressure city life like a bad habit and heads to the greener pastures of Cali life. Rebecca moves back to the small California town she grew up in, ostensibly to chill out away from the fast pace of NYC, but actually to chase her high school sweetheart Josh. Did we mention that sometimes Rebecca likes to randomly break out into song to communicate her emotions? Ummm, yeah, this show is interesting to say the least. Check it out on Mondays on the CW.

Losers Take All, David Klass


Jack Logan seeks to protest a new rule at school that mandates team sports. To do so, he rallies some kindred spirits into purposely losing all their JV soccer games. But his antics gain him all kinds of support and popularity that he wasn’t expecting. In this new novel, are the losers really the winners?

Pure Bathing Culture, Pray For Rain

Pure Bathing Culture are a Portland dude/chick duo with a sound somewhere in the realm of low-fi indie pop electro chill wave. After the mild success of 2013’s “Pendulum” off Moon Tides, the single “Pray For Rain” from the album of the same name has been getting tons of play and tons of buzz. Check out the video for “Pray For Rain” above!