Must List: Week Of October 11th, 2015


The spooky world of YA author R.L. Stine comes to life in this big screen adaptation of his scary series for younger children. But this movie isn’t the story of your average Goosebumps book! Instead, it follows a fictional Mr. Stine and his teenage daughter as they scramble to figure out why all of the author’s crazy monster creations have been unleashed in their town!!! Starring Jack Black as the prolific author, the film hits theaters October 16th!

Demi Lavato, Confident

The former Disney star is back on the charts with her 5th studio album, and this time, she’s a bit more, well, confident. The first single from the new album “Cool For the Summer” (above) was breakthrough hit for the young singer, crossing over into many genres and attaining levels of “cool” even with the indie crowd. The title track is the newest single that will be getting the full video treatment very soon, and don’t forget about the full release available October 16th.

The Devil and Winnie Flynn, by Micol Ostow


Prolific author Micol Ostow brings us a new thriller, a novel innovative in terms of themes, format, and style. The book is partially illustrated with help from her brother David, and through said illustrations and Winnie’s ongoing letter to a friend, the story of newly orphaned Winnie unfolds. After her mom’s death, Winnie moves to Jersey with her aunt where she works on a reality show set with her new guardian. The show follows the Jersey Red Devil, and along the way, devilish things start to happen in Winnie’s own life that has her questioning family secrets from the past. Hailed as snarky, unique, and trendsetting, Miss Ostow’s new novel is sure to thrill and chill.

Scream Queens

As Halloween approaches, SQ is really ramping up the spooky action. Don’t miss a moment all October long, especially this week’s episode “Pumpkin Patch,” coming fresh off the heels of last week’s upset-filled “Haunted House” episode where many secrets were revealed and even more questions raised. Check out a preview above!!

This May Sound Crazy, Abigail Breslin


You obviously know this Scream Queen from her thriving acting career, but now the 19 year old dips her toe in the publishing world with this uniquely styled collection of non-fiction essays. The theme of the collection is young women and their relationship with technology and social media. Obsessing over insta likes? Obsessing over what your ex gives the thumbs up to? Going nuts over getting that perfect selfie? As a high profile celebrity in the limelight AND a regular teenage girl just trying to make it through highschool and the internet alive, Abbie advises you to PUT DOWN THE iPHONE! Hear more of Abbie’s words of wisdom and hilarious stories in her first book, out in bookstores now!

Vampire Diaries

With spirits low in the wake of Elena’s departure, check in to see how our fave vamps are holding up in a world without Nina Dobrev. “Never Let Me Go,” a telling title for a post-Elena episode, airs this Thursday on the CW. Check out a tease above!!!


Keep the Halloween vibes going by checking in with everyone’s favorite cuddly zombie Liv. This season sees new complications for Liv and her relationships with the people she loves. New episodes are Thursdays on the CW. Check out a preview of this week’s episode “Zombie Bro” above!!!

Assorted Indie Pop Releases Ft. Børns

Pop queen Demi Lavato doesn’t have the only highly anticipated release this week. For whatever reason, there’s a veritable smorgasbord of pop indie releases hitting the interwebs this week also. !!!, Neon Indian, Small Black, Here We Go Magic, YACHT, Deerhunter, and Keep Shelley in Athens all have full length releases this week also. One lesser known name of note with a release this week is Michigan’s Børns, the stage name of electro pop anthem master Garrett Borns. Check out “Electric Love” above. And then give some love to any of the other artist mentioned above, all with releases out October 16th!


In all your Fall/Halloween excitement, don’t forget it’s Spring and nearly graduation time over at PHHS. The school year is winding down, but lots of truths and stifled feelings are just coming out! Will Matty and Jenna get back together? Will Tamara win back her spring break fling turned fiancee Adam??? Aagghhh! Check out some moments from “The Big Reveal” above!!!

Black Widow: Forever Red, by Margaret Stohl



The Beautiful Creatures author is tackling new territory, this time entering the Marvel universe. Black Widow is a character who doesn’t necessarily get a lot of play in the boy’s club of the films, and Miss Stohl fleshes out the story of our not-so-friendly Russian assassin like never before. In this new chapter of the Black Widow story, Natasha’s fate becomes intertwined with a Brooklyn teenager named Ava, daughter of a Russian physicist Natasha once rescued from military experiments. The two must work together to stop new enemies, and along the way they discover some disturbing truths about their pasts.