Must List: Week Of October 25th, 2015


It’s finally here!! We’ve been waiting all fall for this BIG premiere, but better late than never! Tune in to CBS Monday at 8:30 for this super premiere starring Melissa Benoist as the titular super person, Chyler Leigh as her government agent sis, and Calista Flockhart as her ball busting media boss!!! Spoiler Alert: Unlike shows that drag the whole origin thing out, our Super Girl will not be getting the protracted Smallville treatment. Instead, our humble Kara Danvers gets real super straight out the gate, complete with cape AND flying, right in the pilot episode!!!

Placebo Junkies, J.C. Carleson


Our girl Audie has a problem. Well, a couple of them, actually. First off, she fills her time and her pockets by participating in big pharma drug trials. A dangerous way of making $$$ or the smart way??? But her other problem is that her bf Dylan has a terminal illness, a fact that the she chooses to ignore as much as possible with said drugs. But she’s using her drug trial $ to give Dylan the best b-day ever, so it’s worth it…right???

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Just in time for Halloween, this creepy comedy hits theaters this Friday, starring up-and-comer Tye Sheridan (Dark Places and soon to be seen as Cyclops in the newest X-Men franchise film) and Logan Miller as a couple of Boy Scouts just trying to get through regular teen life, their last camp out as scouts, and, you know, the zombie apocalypse!!!

Ariana Grande, “Focus”


Miss Grande finally drops the long-awaited new single from her upcoming 3rd studio album Moonlight, slated for later this year. “Focus” will be available for download and streaming Friday, October 30th.

The Winter Place, Alexander Yates


After Tess and her brother Axel are made orphans by an unfortunate accident, they find themselves living in Finland with relatives, and they also find themselves being visited by a mystery man and his bear, neither of which are even remotely as they seem. As Tess fears losing Axel also, she enters a fantastical world of Finnish mysticism after which nothing in her life will remain the same.

The Vampire Diaries, “I Carry Your Heart With Me”

As the Heretics create more chaos, everyone is forced to reveal secrets/deal with the revelation of secrets, even as everyone is still just barely moping through life in an Elena-less world. See where the secrets lead our fave vamps, witches, and mortals in this Thursday’s new ep!

Underneath Everything, Marcie Beller Paul


Mattie and Jolene used to be LIKE THIS, but now in senior year, Mattie has been hiding in the background while charismatic Jolene still enjoys popularity. But Mattie is tired of missing everything and resolves to become more social, but running in Jolene’s circles again carries the fear of actually running into Jolene. And the boyfriend Jolene has at Mattie’s expense. Mattie has been able to keep her former bff off her mind this long, but now her obsession returns…

Switched At Birth Season Finale

It’s the fall finale of SAB, an episode titled “And Always Searching for Beauty.” Things have changed a lot this season on SAB with new relationships forming and old ones disintegrating, not to mention the new baby on the way from Toby and Lily. And recently a lot of secrets have spilled, and this episode is no different as the new parents lay a shocker on their families–a possible big move may be in the works!!! Luckily, this won’t be an unresolved cliffhanger because ABC Family has announced its renewal of SAB for a 5th season in 2016 after the network transitions into Freeform.

These Shallow Graves, Jennifer Donnelly


Set in gilded age New YorkThese Shallow Graves follows the story of Josephine Montfort, an American aristocrat. Jo lives a life of old-money ease. Not much is expected of her other than to look good and marry well. But when her father dies due to an accidental gunshot, the gilding on Jo’s world starts to tarnish. With the help of a handsome and brash reporter, and a young medical student who moonlights in the city morgue, Jo uncovers the truth behind her father’s death and learns that if you’re going to bury the past, you’d better bury it deep.

Ryan Adams, 1989


You might not know who Ryan Adams is, but I’m willing to bet your dad does, as he’s the progenitor of a genre of music endearingly titled “Dad Rock.” If you have heard of the folksy yet intense singer songwriter, it is probably only in this context, this context being the fact that the early 2000’s indie fave recorded and released an album song-for-song covering T. Swift’s 1989, in his own unique and gruff indie style. The internet has been swooning about the covers for the past month or so, and now’s your shot to weigh in on his interpretation as Ryan’s 1989 will be available in stores on online this Friday!!!