Natalie Shay shares with YEM how growing up in a music city like London shaped her genre and style

Natalie Shay is an Indie pop artist fom North London. YEM just recently found this interview with her along with other content. Natalie recently released a new single titled “New Wave”. Her music video for it was also released recently as well. YEM was able to speak with Natalie about her favorite social media platform, the city of London, and what she has learned about being a musician.

Young Entertainment Mag: One of your singles, “This Feeling”, reached #4 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. What were you doing when you found out it climbed up to that high spot?

Natalie Shay: I think I was in a session recording my latest track ‘yesterday’ haha! but was with the same producer that recorded ‘this feeling’ so was fun to be together on the day it came out.

YEM: As an emerging hitmaker, you’ve amassed 12,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. From a musician’s point of view, what’s the best social media platform to use?

Natalie: Instagram all the way! I love it so much, but it does take a lot of work, effort and planning.

YEM: You just released the melancholy single, “Whole of Me”, which is sonically a contrast of the upbeat nature from one of your previous tunes, “Perfume”. Moving forward, do you see yourself crafting music around gentle instrumentation or heavy production?

Natalie: “whole of me’ is essentially the B side for ‘yesterday’, i always write and perform the softer stuff and of course when i do an album there will be more of that kind of song featuring, but for now i think the upbeat full production numbers work best as the stand alone singles but who knows 🙂


YEM:How has growing up in a music city like London shaped your genre and style?

Natalie: I think it probably has. its definitely shaped me as a person, living in london is definitely  the reason i came out of my shell at such a young age, so i suppose that goes hand in hand with my lyric writing and the way i present myself as an artist.

YEM: Your very first song was the jumpy “And They Stare”, which dropped way back in 2015. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about being a musician since then?

Natalie: I’ve learnt that there’s far more that goes into being an artist than just the songs itself. i’ve learnt so much about branding and delivering a successful independent  release for sure.

YEM: You’ve made different music videos for many of your songs, like the colorful “Perfume” video. Is there one that stands out as your favorite?

Natalie: “perfume’ music video will always be my favourite. it was so fun to film and i love how it turned out so much. definitely my proudest video.

Check out Natalie Shay’s music video for “New Wave”!