Up-and-Comer: Scorchin’ Hot Nathalie Emmanuel

The second installment of The Maze Runner series The Scorch Trials hit theaters Friday, September 18th. This time around in life after of the Glade, fans are introduced to a whole slew of new characters from The Maze Runner universe, one of which is Harriet, the no-nonsense leader of another group of Gladers that Thomas and company encounter. Heating up the screen as Harriet is British actress Nathalie Emmanuel. Calling Nathalie an up-and-comer is almost a misnomer because you’ve probably already become a fan of this beautiful Brit from her work as computer hacker Ramsey in Furious 7.


Nathalie as Harriet


But her most prominent and awesomely nerdy role is in the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones where she plays Missandei, Daenerys Targaryan’s right hand lady and most trusted confidante. (Real nerds might even recognize her from her 1 episode on the British teen delinquents/modern superheroes show Misfits.)


Nathalie as Missandei with Emilia Clarke as Daenerys


With this trio of scene-stealing roles, she’s got all her bases covered–HUGE mainstream franchise (check), HUGE YA adaptation (check), series regular on the most talked about show in, like, the whole world (check). At only 26, this young Brit could basically be her own booth at Comic Con with a career like that. And being on Team Daenerys certainly won’t hurt her career since Dany is a fan favorite and a hopeful to win the game of thrones. In turn, fans love Missandei, Dany’s translator who’s fast becoming one of her most trusted advisors.


Hitting the scorch with Dylan O’Brien and all the other Gladers won’t hurt things either. With any luck, maybe we’ll be seeing Harriet and Nathalie in the third Maze Runner film, The Death Cure? Hmmmm…we’ll see.