New Book Tuesday: February 20th

Here are all the new books coming out for New Book Tuesday. Which ones are you planning to read? Tell us in the comments section below. Click on the book if you’d like to purchase or learn more about it.

Book two in the Empress of a Thousand Skies series mixes elements of fantasy and historical fiction. Fans of Game of Thrones will love this novel.

Written in alternating first person from the perspectives of all three characters, Flight Season is a relatable tale that teenagers will see themselves in.

The second book in the Blood and Salt series mixes action with supernatural elements. An entertaining read that will keep readers hooked.

This novel is the story of Adam Reed, who is relying on his basketball talent to propel him into a brighter future. But when incident with the police complicates his life, Adam must make a choice between his family and his love of the sport.

The first book in a series, Ink, Iron and Glass examines the importance of words and expressing yourself to the world.

This thrilling novel is sure to keep readers on their toes! A mix of science fiction, horror and adventures in space is unlike everything readers have seen before.

Book 1 in the Belles series tells the tale of Camellia, who is determined to be chosen by the Queen of Orleans to live in the royal palace. But she’s about to learn of dark secrets and danger in the royal palace that will force her to re-evaltuate what she really wants.

Fans of Maus and the Boy in the Stripped Pajamas will enjoy this historical fiction novel. This book follows Gerta, who tries to rebuild her life after WWII.