New Music Friday: Like “BREAK MY SOUL”? Listen to These Songs Next.

The Queen B is back! 

Beyoncé has released a new single, titled “BREAK MY SOUL,” and people are loving every minute of it. To celebrate her return, YEM has compiled a special playlist of songs that’ll keep that house pop vibe going until Renaissance drops on July 29th. 

First up, of course, is “BREAK MY SOUL.” This dance hit came out two weeks ago; it tells an incredibly relatable tale of perseverance through burnout, while exhibiting clear influences from house music. Lyrics like “I’m looking for a new foundation, yeah/And I’m on that new vibration” resonate for anyone who’s had to remake themselves after the pandemic.  

Following it up is Lizzo’s latest, “About Damn Time.” The viral sensation provides that same freeing feeling as “BREAK MY SOUL.” It’s the ideal song for stress relief, featuring some great background flute instrumentals played by none other than Lizzo herself. 

Those looking for something more high-energy will appreciate “Ma Itù” by Stella Mwangi. With lyrics in both Swahili and English, this track – whose title translates to “our truth” – is the perfect dance song. Seriously. It was featured in the game Just Dance back in 2020. Its unique combo of traditional Swahili instruments and synth beats makes it wholly original and fun as heck. 

Michelle Delamor slightly slows things down a bit with “Fire on the Floor.” It’s chill, but still totally catchy, allowing for a whole new dance experience. The uber-cool beats are bound to inspire listeners to get that “fire on the floor” going. 

“Get Busy” by KOYOTIE will get those energy levels right back up again. It’s basically auditory caffeine. Off KOYOTIE’s 2019 EP Land of the Living, this song is lively enough to wake the dead. Niki Darling, Maxine, and Frederick & Kusse’s “To the Music” produces a similar affect. It’s pure dance music, comprised almost entirely of synthesized sounds, a prime example of the genre Beyoncé drew inspiration from. People who don’t lose track of time while dancing to this aren’t doing it right. 

The next song is probably familiar to most. “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa was iconic the second it dropped in 2019. It’s amassed nearly 2 billion Spotify listens, and even though pretty much everyone’s heard it before, it’s still as fresh as it gets. The themes of newfound independence and personal transformation –all set to a classic house beat – mesh well with “BREAK MY SOUL.” 

Though Dua Lipa is a hard act to follow, independent artists 45 Riots and Day Kornegay do it with style. “Automatic” was released in 2020 as the opening track for their album Timeless. The beats are funky and irresistible, while the smooth vocals coax listeners to bop their heads along. 

“Feel the Groove,” a 2017 single by The Colours, is upbeat and summery. The chorus’s first line – “Don’t stop the music, feel the groove” – proves that this song’s got “groove” to spare. “GET DOWN” by David Morales and Georgia Cee is the exact same way. David Morales actually produced this song himself and is an independent artist. This latest single, released just last year, is reminiscent of 80s dance music. It’d fit in great on workout playlists!

Song number eleven is “Chipfunks.” Created by independent artist Klangdelikt, “Chipfunks” was released last year and is currently their most recent single. Ideal for fans of EDM, this is closer to “pure” house music than some of the other songs on this playlist, what with its lack of vocals and electronic beats. 

“Birds” by Folamour (featuring Emmanuel Jal) is so breezy it takes flight, true to its name. Released just last week, this track layers vocal harmonies over ethereal beats, producing an overall airy quality. “Sour Candy,” though equally as fun, has a much different feel. Off Lady Gaga’s 2020 album Chromatica, it features international k-pop sensation BLACKPINK. Each artist shines brightly and complements the other, creating another great house pop hit that’s just as effortlessly catchy as “BREAK MY SOUL.” 

Next up is another independent artist. Hypnova’s “Strange Fires” (featuring Lab) is a chill and cheery rap song released this year. Its snappy beats will get everyone’s toes tapping (at the very least). 

Coming in at number fifteen is an oldie but goodie: “Show Me Love” by Robin S. Released back in 1993, this song is a party classic, amassing 121.6 million Spotify listens. Beyoncé definitely drew some inspiration from Robin S, what with the classic house beats underlying strong vocals. 

Another rap song follows it up: “Boss B*tch” by Doja Cat. Released in 2020 as part of the Birds of Prey soundtrack, Doja Cat’s empowering rap over electronic beats makes for a high-energy song that never slows down and demands to be replayed. It’s clearly meant to make anyone listening to it feel like a superhero, and boy, does it get the job done. 

On the dreamier side of things is “LSDXOXO_TRUTH OR DARE _123 BPM” by Kelela and LSDXOXO. The soft vocals and delicate beats still set a semi-fast pace, making for a wholly unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Released back in 2018, it feels like the beats were specifically crafted to play on an endless loop in people’s heads: which would pose an issue, if this song wasn’t so good. 

At the end of the playlist are two songs by independent artist Amorphous. The first of these is “Midnight Strikes,” featuring RAYE, who’s on vocals. This dance song was released in 2021, off Amorphous’s EP Things Take Shape. The vocals and beats combine for a fun ride of a song. The next song, “The Vibe,” is off the same EP. Bree Runway sings on this one; her vocals are less airy than RAYE’s and provide something more assertive-sounding. This song is a versatile one, great for both relaxing and dancing, depending on whatever the day requires. If these songs show anything, it’s that it’s hard to stop listening to Amorphous’ beats once the ball gets rolling. 

Bringing this playlist to a close is “Feels Good” by Austin Millz, Teedra Moses, and Dave B – all independent artists! This song was released in 2020, and it’s got vocals and beats that’re smoother than butter. It urges listeners to go with the flow, and reminds people of one crucial fact: life is good!

Got any favorites? Songs you’d want to add to the playlist? Let us know in the comments! You can listen to the playlist here.