New Music Friday: May 26th

What day is it? Friday.

What day is celebrated today? New Music Friday.

At Young Entertainment Magazine, we’re committed to filling you in on the latest little-known songs from lesser-known artists. As a music listener, you can find new music playing around you. Our weekly New Music Friday listicle could help you.

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Here are our top 20 songs for the week ending May 26, 2023. Start with “How To Be Brave” by Leonelle, and go from there!

1. “How To Be Brave” by Leonelle

Are you looking for a rising pop artist? Look no further than Leonelle.

Leonelle released a new single “How To Be Brave” in recent days. “How To Be Brave” is a soulful, raw, and unfiltered pop song with melodic beats and soaring strings and summarizes Leonelle’s journey as a pop artist.

The Granville, Ohio native sings, “I don’t wanna know what you been up to, who you taking home but I still love you.” and “I don’t know how to be brave.”

Can you relate to the lyrics?

2. “Be Mine” by Julien

Are you looking for a pop newcomer? If so, look no further than Julien.

Julien is an up-and-coming pop singer who recently released his first single “Be Mine” and sat down with OUTInPerth to share a summary of his single. “Be Mine” is a summery pop song with a mix of modern retro, funk, and groove.

The Netherlands-born, Sweden-based singer sings, “You and me baby together. The good times they’ll be forever.”

If you can’t wait for summer to start, you should listen to “Be Mine” as soon as possible — especially if you’re falling in love with someone, but you’re still looking around at others.

Does this sound like your current situation?

3. “Numb” by Hostile Array

Did you know? Hostile Array released a new single “Numb” and returned to the world of music.

They are a Maryland-based band that effectively blends catchy and heavy post-hardcore. Hostile Array’s “Numb” was their first release of 2023. “Numb” stands out, thanks to its emotion and intensity — two common elements of post-hardcore that the band somehow made their own.

Does that sound good?

4. “Wedding Bells” by Mikey Ferrari

Have you heard? Mikey Ferrari released his debut EP, Stories From Montana, and recently completed his first North American tour.

Mikey Ferrari dropped his newest single “Wedding Bells” in recent days. When asked about the song’s meaning, Ferrari said, “‘Wedding Bells’ is about loss and that desperate feeling when you realize that your relationship with someone will never be the same.”

How does this sound?

5. “my band hates u!” by Amelie Jat

Haven’t you heard? Amelie Jat has been flourishing in her signature pop-punk sound.

Amelie Jat’s newest single “my band hates u!” showcases her angst in a sassy pop-punk and pop-rock breakup anthem as her band supports her through an unfortunately dramatic breakup. “my band hates u!” overflows with Y2K nostalgia.

So, what do you say? Are you going to listen to “my band hates u!” right now?

6. “Waves” by Bed

“Who is Bed?” you ask.

Bed is an alternative dream pop and punk band. Bed’s frontman is Ebed Moreno.

Bed’s new single “Waves” follows their self-titled 2022 album. “Waves” was released through Wiretap Records and was recorded at The Pale Moon Ranch with Alex Estrada.

“Waves” is a mellow song with mesmerizing beats and shifting realities. So, are you going to listen to “Waves” as soon as possible?

7. “Playground” by Tati Vici

“Who’s Tati Vici?” you ask.

Tati Vici’s a French-born singer-songwriter who’s on a mission. Right now, Tati Vici wants to captivate her listeners with her new exhilarating single “Playground” on all streaming platforms.

“Playground” captures the essence of falling head over heels in love. Tati Vici drew inspiration from her existing experiences and endless imagination as she wrote “Playground” according to FindYourSounds.

How excited are you for “Playground” and its subsequent releases?

8. “Carolina” by Adeem the Artist

Adeem the Artist isn’t your average country music singer.

A seventh-generation Carolinian, Adeem the Artist is a singer-songwriter, storyteller, poet, and blue-collar artist. Adeem the Artist’s new single “Carolina” displays his native North Carolina, despite the fact that he now lives with his wife, High Five Hannie, a visual artist, and their toddler and two cats.

“Carolina” goes, “From my grandpa’s fist to my mother’s lip, there’s an ancestral impression. An American inheritance of trauma and depression.”

How are you feeling now?

9. “Ain’t a Hard Livin'” by Brit Taylor

Brit Taylor isn’t an atypical country singer-songwriter.

She combines classic country with vintage singer-songwriter and bluegrass. Brit Taylor’s new single “Ain’t a Hard Livin'” is a groove-laden traditional bent that completely the circle of sonic sound.

As a Kentucky-born singer-songwriter, Brit Taylor’s “Ain’t a Hard Livin'” boasts fiddles, real life situations, a touch of 1960s’ rock, and a dose of country twang.

How excited are you to hear “Ain’t a Hard Livin'” on a scale of one to ten?

10. “yar wut yar / i love you for it!” by Jude Brothers

Contrary to popular belief, Jude Brothers is a singer not a band.

Jude Brothers is an Arkansan folk-derived singer-songwriter with a penchant for whimsy and tender-heartedness. Jude Brothers’ new single “yar wut yar / i love you for it!” is an Appalachian country-folk song with a music video that tells the story of a forest creature.

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you for the “yar wut yar / i love you for it!” release?

11. “want u bck :*” by Tendai

“want u back :*” is a unique song title, to say the least.

Tendai’s new single “want u back :*” is a track that was taken from, the first of three releases. Tendai is from East London, and “want u back :*” features a gentle guitar riff, a progressive approach that the 0207 Def Jam signee calls a “raido” and emotive lyrics.

Tendai pines for a lost love in “want u back :*” according to TRENCH. Are you also going to pine for a lost love after listening to Tendai’s brand-new track?

12. “Pass Time ft. Kofi Stone” by Lizzie Berchie

Pass time? Yes, please!

“Pass Time ft. Kofi Stone” by Lizzie Berchie is an emotional single, to put it mildly. Berchie, an East London native, sings about not being ready for a long-term relationship using her rich yet smooth vocal tone. Stone, a Birmingham, United Kingdom native, adds color, life, and yearning to Berchie’s new single. How about that?

13. “Day Dreams” by Joe Kane Uncut & Chedda Boy Malik

Joe Kane Uncut & Chedda Boy Malik are two rap veterans that saved hip-hop and will save it again. As Detroit-based emcees, Joe Kane Uncut & Chedda Boy Malik’s new single “Day Dreams” prove that they’re hip-hop GOATs in the music industry.

“Day Dreams” is the perfect song about the average person’s goals and objectives in a post-pandemic world. Now, how interested are you in listening to the song?

14. “Not My Vibe” by Approachable Members of Your Local Community

“Not My Vibe” doesn’t sound like a happy-go-lucky song. But, at the same time, you should listen to “Not My Vibe” by Approachable Members of Your Local Community at least once. Here’s why.

Approachable Members of Your Local Community, or Approachable Members for short, are an Australian band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Approachable Members may or may not be Melbourne’s finest, but their new single “Not My Vibe” can change your opinion about them.

The Australian band told NME in a statement, “Good relationships are transformative. They teleport us to far away lands. To intergalactic worlds. Humans together, relating to each other, bonding is inspirational. Moving.”

15. “Lost Boys (Storm Mollison Remix)” by Charlotte Plank

Charlotte Plank is an English-Australian singer, songwriter, and producer.

Charlotte Plank released three singles before releasing her chart-topping single “Dancing is Healing” which charted at No. 33 on the UK Singles Chart. Charlotte Plank’s new single “Lost Boys (Storm Mollison Remix)” can be described as an addicting song with radio-friendly lyrics, mesmerizing beats, and a high-tempo line.

Charlotte Plank is more than just a pretty face. She’s an underground star in the making, and she has been making strides in her music career from her childhood days where she recorded lo-fi demos with an outdated laptop and mic.

Do you think Charlotte Plank is rewriting the UK music scene’s rules?

16. “When I Say So” by Dolores Forever

Are you reluctant to grow up? If so, you aren’t alone.

Dolores Forever recently released a new single “When I Say So” and you can relate to the new band consisting of Yorkshire’s Hannah Wilson and Copenhagen’s Julia Fabrin. Wilson and Fabrin first met at a house party in London, connected over their love for Mitski, Sharon Van Etten, Stevie Nicks, and the Spice Girls, and the rest was history.

“When I Say So” goes, “Finding my feet, not seen them in a while. Picking up speed, yeah, I run a minute mile. Head in the deep, nothing to reconcile. I’m not rеady.”

Are you ready to grow up or not?

17. “Song About Love” by English Teacher

English Teacher has proved that they’re at the top of the class.

“How so?” you ask.

English Teacher is an English band from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. English Teacher’s new EP, Polyawkward, and new single “Song About Love” has satisfied the appetites of the music listeners. “Song About Love” has showcased the band’s maturity and enchanting ferocity, according to Atwood Magazine. 

So, if you’re looking for a new track that isn’t a fluke, you should look up “Song About Love” at your earliest convenience. You’ll thank us later.

18. “Admit It” by Hannah Jadagu

Hey, guess what? Hannah Jadagu shared a new synthpop single “Admit It” to the general public. “Admit It” can be described as a DIY-type of song that twinkles and sighs simultaneously.

Hannah Jadagu was born and raised in Mesquite Springs, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Jadagu’s parents immigrated from Zimbabwe and settled in Mesquite Springs in the 1990s.

Fast forward to the present as Hannah Jadagu’s now based in New York City and recently dropped a new single “Admit It” to the public. Please listen to “Admit It” as soon as possible! You won’t regret it at all!

19. “Floor” by Flozigg

Can you hit the floor? Maybe, or maybe not.

Whether you can hit the floor or not, you should take some time out of your day to listen to “Floor” by Flozigg. In case you didn’t know, Flozigg is a versatile musician that mixes multiple genres, particularly alternative R&B, rap, neo-soul, and indie.

“Floor” proves that the Floridian musician of Ghanaian descent isn’t shying away from experimentation, warm production, and expressive vocals. The Florida-based musician is ready to bring a brand-new, genre-bending flavor to the American music scene.

20. “Blackjack (Visualiser)” by BINA.

Last but not least, BINA. is a music artist that you need to listen to — especially if you’re a fan of R&B music.

BINA.’s new single “Blackjack (Visualiser)” shows off the South London singer-songwriter’s vocal and songwriting talents. Though the singer-songwriter incorporates jazz into her music, she actually didn’t listen to a lot of jazz when she was younger. The more you know, right?

Now, you should take a break from whatever you’re working on, and listen to “Blackjack (Visualizer)” in the home or in-person office. You’re welcome.