New Music Friday: May 5th

Thank God it’s Friday? Yup.

Today’s Friday, and you’re probably ready to celebrate the end of the week.

This week’s edition of New Music Friday can help you get up and running. Each week, our team of staff writers selects 20 new, lesser-known songs for our readers. So, if you’re a music fan, you should continue to read our listicle for all 20 songs. Start with “Pieces of You” by Ashleigh Mannix, and go from there.

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Here’s our list of 20 songs to kickstart your weekend.

1. “Pieces of You” by Ashleigh Mannix

Let’s start with Ashleigh Mannix, an Australian singer-songwriter. Mannix began her music career by releasing numerous EPs and singles under her name before forming Little Georgia, a folk rock duo, with Justin Turner, a fellow singer-songwriter.

Mannix’s single “Pieces Of You” may sound cliché but it’s definitely worth a listen. “Pieces Of You” is a low-key song with relatable lyrics, mellow guitar chords, and catchy beats. Does that sound good?

2. “Yeah” by Colleen Dow

Have you heard of Colleen Dow? If not, don’t worry.

Dow is an American indie musician from Chicago, Illinois. Dow specializes in indie pop music and has released singles over the years.

Dow’s single “Yeah” features mesmerizing beats, attention-grabbing lyrics, and a standout buildup. “Yeah” is the perfect single if you’re looking for something captivating and meaningful!

3. “Manic Pixie Dream Hurl” by Thank You, I’m Sorry

Have you heard? Thank You, I’m Sorry is an American emo band based in Chicago, Illinois. Thank You, I’m Sorry initially started as a solo project by Colleen Dow, whom we’ve mentioned in the entry above. Dow provides vocals and guitars.

Thank You, I’m Sorry’s single “Manic Pixie Dream Hurl” is upbeat, meaningful, and memorable. Oh, and the official music video for “Manic Pixie Dream Hurl” is just as good as the single itself.

4. “Rotten Bun” by Mui Zyu

Mui Zyu, born Eva Liu, is a Hong Kong British music artist who’s known for her alternative and indie singles.

Mui Zyu has been navigating the trickiness of an ever-changing identity, while merging fantasy and folklore. The debut album, Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century, and new single “Rotten Bun” combine choppy soundscapes, dainty industrial ambience, and sugary pop melodies. How about that?

5. “IDK About You” by Nick Mono

Did you know? Nick Mono, whose real name is Nick Nannar, is a British singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Nick Mono has described his musical style as “a wide range of music from hip-hop to alternative rock.” Nick Mono’s new single “IDK About You” is down-to-earth with melodic beats and a low-key music video.

6. “The Dance You Sell” by L’Objectif

Did you hear? L’Objectif are an English rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. L’Objectif’s genres include alternative rock, indie rock, indie pop, and post-punk.

L’Objectif released their second EP, We Aren’t Getting Out But Tonight We Might. L’Objectif’s new single “The Dance You Sell” boasts a maximalist introduction that’s primed and prepared to blast holes in the back of their listeners’ heads.

7. “Sarasota” by CARR

The internet’s bounce effect cannot be underestimated. CARR’s new single “Sarasota” can relate, as its pop-punk influences from the early 1990s.

“Sarasota” is righteously catchy, but it’s about CARR being in Sarasota, Florida, with her ex-boyfriend. The former couple got in a huge fight, and as a result, CARR sat back manipulatively and sort of drove her ex to lose his mind for a minute before punching a hole in the wall. Can you relate?

8. “Something New” by DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ 

Are you looking for a new track? If so, look no further than this entry. DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ’s a London-based electronic duo consisting of two anonymous producers.

“Something New” by DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ is a track that can get you up off the floor. “Something New” contains deep lyrics, electric beats, and a lively buildup.

9. “Mandatory Enjoyment” by Dummy

In case you didn’t know, Dummy is an American indie rock, noise pop, and neo-psychedelia band based out of Los Angeles, California.

Dummy employs pummeling guitars and celestial ambiance within the same breath for a drone-pop style. Dummy’s new single “Mandatory Enjoyment” can be described as a krauty synth-space rock song.

10. “Starlight” by Babygirl

In case you missed it, Babygirl is a Canadian indie pop rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Babygirl was born out of a lifelong friendship between two friends who met as music majors at Humber College in Toronto.

Babygirl’s new track “Starlight” comes out of their new EP, Be Still My Heart. “Starlight” chronicles love’s ebbs and flows, while navigating a dreamy soundscape. Are you interested in hearing this track?

11. “IPHONE” by HAWA

HAWA, born Hawa Sakho, is a Guinea-born, New York-based singer and rapper. HAWA’s a self-proclaimed workaholic that has found herself getting loose the past few summers.
“IPHONE” by HAWA is a new single from the debut EP, The ONE. “IPHONE” is about an individual that tries to do everything right in a relationship, but still feels like their significant other isn’t satisfied. Can you relate to this single?

12. “Go Down River” by The Heavy Heavy

Haven’t you heard? The Heavy Heavy is a five-member British retro-inspired rock band based in Brighton, United Kingdom.

The Heavy Heavy’s new song “Go Down River” is a rather relaxing rock song with slick guitar chords, oldschool lyrics, and chill beats. Are you ready to sit back and relax?

13. “Kaleidoscope” by Carli Brill

Are you looking for a new country music artist? Look no further than this entry.

Carli Brill, a country singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, checks off all the boxes, thanks to her charming, intricate retro pop songs that combine sophistication and warmth. Carli Brill’s new song “Kaleidoscope” is no exception, as it blends warm lyrics, passionate choruses, and cool beats.

14. “stab my back” by carobae

By the way, carobae is a self-taught producer, singer, and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.

carobae’s music can be described as “bedroom pop” because she seldom writes songs for her own catalogues in the studios. “stab my back” by carobae is a emotional song where she tells the public how she really feels, while standing her ground. How good does this sound?

15. “Picasso Blue” by Alicia Blue

Do you want to hear a new folk song? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Alicia Blue, an American folk singer based in Nashville, Tennessee, by way of Los Angeles, California, can satisfy your folk music craving with “Picasso Blue” in little to no time. “Picasso Blue” can embrace your inner child, while giving you grown-up vibes (and beats).

16. “Sporty Boy” by Dead Tooth

Do you like post-punk music? If you answered “yes,” you’re in the right place.

Dead Tooth, a Brooklyn-based post-punk band, has just what you’ve been looking for. Dead Tooth’s “Sporty Boy” is a jam-packed, skater boy type of song. After all, “Sporty Boy” is about a person running past the haters, fakes, and liars, and giving their life meaning.


Do you want to hear some new dance music? If you responded with a “yes,” you’ve arrived at the right entry.

There’s nothing like a brand-new dance song, and DEBBY FRIDAY can check off the boxes. DEBBY FRIDAY’s an electronic musician who’s currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her new song “SO HARD TO TELL” incorporates slick beats, exciting lyrics, and a tense buildup.

18. “Luv Him (about u)” by Léa Sen

Hey, guess what? Léa Sen, a London-based singer-songwriter, producer, and guitarist, has been forging connections through sound.

Léa Sen’s new song “Luv Him (about u)” defines sound and connection. “Luv Him (about u)” shows that the singer has yielded to the flames of desire. Just listen to the song and you’ll see (and hear) for yourself!

19. “Wheel” by Poppy Jean Crawford

Guess what? There’s a new singer-songwriter in town, and her name’s Poppy Jean Crawford.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Poppy Jean Crawford comes from an artistic family. Her mother, Casey Niccoli, is an artist and a 1990s icon. Oh, and her new song “Wheel” consists of entertaining lyrics, buoyant beats, and a trippy sound!

20. “Buy You a New Attitude” by Tianna Esperanza

Tianna Esperanza may be a newcomer to the alternative and indie music scene, but she isn’t messing around.

Esperanza, the granddaughter of The Raincoats’ Paloma McLardy, was born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachussetts. Esperanza’s a versatile singer and songwriter. You can hear her undeniable talent in her new song “Buy You a New Attitude” which is actually more friendly than hostile.