New Music Friday: November 10th

As the Thanksgiving season rapidly approaches, there is plenty to be thankful for… including this week’s new music! Check it out here:  

1) Petey – “Did I Mention I’m Sorry”

Indie pop icon and TikTok creator Petey has just released this absolute masterpiece of a song and you are definitely not going to want to miss out on it! Check it out wherever you get your music and make sure to watch the live video above!

2) Zoe Ko – “Pink Noise”

Punk pop princess Zoe Ko drops this aggressively elegant girl power bop. If you like artists like Olivia Rodrigo or Avril Lavigne, this song from Zoe Ko is bound to be your new favorite.

3) Brandy – “Christmas Party For Two”

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you are bound to be looking for some new Christmas tunes to freshen up your holiday playlist. Check out this song from Brandy today.

4) JOY (Anonymous) – “JOY (I Did You Wrong)”

This upbeat tune from band JOY (Anonymously) is the perfect vibe for the season. If you are in the market for a new joyful anthem, this is the song for you. 

5) Cade Hoppe – “Only Human”

In this extraterrestrial tune from newcomer Cade Hoppe, there is sweet lyricism and soft melodies. Check it out wherever you get your music today. 

6) Aqua – “Barbie Girl”

Promoting their world tour, the band Aqua is here to remind you of the classic song about the Barbie World, give it a listen and get your tickets today!

7) Story of the Year – “Page Avenue”

In light of their new tour, Story of the Year has refreshed this classic tune “Page Avenue”. Check it out wherever you listen to music today and make sure to get your tickets to see Story of the Year in a city near you!

8) New Model Army – “First Summer After”

New Model Army’s new song “First Summer After” is nostalgic, catchy and everything you could want from a pop rock song. Check it out now! 

9) Whitehall – “Over Now”

New from the band Whitehall is their song “Over Now”. This song is packed with emotional lyrics and sweet music that is sure leave an impression. 

10) Sammy Virji – “If U Need it”

Sammy Virji’s new song “If U Need It” is definitely a must listen. If you like artists like Joshua Bassett or Shawn Mendes, you are sure to like Sammy Virji. 

11) Acacia Ridge – “Background Noise”

Band Acacia Ridge’s new song “Background Noise” is the perfect song to throw on in the background of your next adventure. Throw it on and roll those car windows down!

12) Serena Ittoo – “Nature Forseen”

Newcomer Serena Ittoo has just dropped a new single “Nature Forseen”. Definitely worth the listen!

13) New Saviors – “Garden of Lies”

“Garden of Lies” is a powerful and beautiful arrangement that is chock full of lyrical and musical genius. Check it out wherever you get your music today.

14) Sam Palladio – “Something on My Mind”

Check out this new song from Sam Palladio. “Something on My Mind” has been on our minds lately!

15) Abby Sage – “Milk”

In this indie pop banger from Abby Sage, there is incredible lyrics and beautiful melodies that will have you begging for more.   

16) Love, Shaun – “The Rush”

Check out this electropop masterpiece from Love, Shaun. It’s soft, sweet and catchy and totally worth the listen.

17) Go Betty Go – “We Talk A Lot”

This new song from band Go Betty Go, “We Talk A Lot” is a pop rock song that will totally freshen up your music library. If you like Green Day, you are sure to like this new tune from the killer all girls rock band Go Betty Go.

18) Makenzie Phipps – “Life Gives you Love”

Country fans, you are not going to want to miss out on this romantic song from newcomer Makenzie Phipps. If you like Kelsea Ballerini or Megan Moroney, you are definitely going to want to give this song a listen. 

19) Griffen Palmer – “Heart Of Exes”

Griffen Palmer’s new pop country tune is the perfect culmination of sad country song and upbeat pop music. It is sweet, sad and singable. Check it out wherever you get your music today!

20) Cassadee Pope – “Wasting All These Tears – Cassadee’s Version”

In this new rendition of the early 2000s country classic “Wasting All These Tears”, artist Cassadee Pope puts a new and aggressive spin on it. She turned this rather sad song into an empowering rock anthem. Check out this version today and make sure to watch the music video to see how Cassadee has really transformed this song.

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