YEM’s top social media posts of the week November 4th – November 10th

YEM is constantly putting out social media content, and today we are going to share some of the top ones for you! Whether it be from Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, the best of the best that have come out this week will all be here for your viewing pleasure!

YEM went to our instagram to match Hunger Games characters to Olivia’s new song lyrics! head over there to see if you agree!

Check out this Instagram post to see things from the Mean Girl’s trailer we are most excited to see!

YEM is more than excited to see Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls!

The strike being over means more interviews with actors! YEM can no wait to release more interviews for you.

Indi Star was interviewed by us and we were more than happy to show you share with you on our YouTube page!

Head over to our YouTube page to check out our interview with Katherine Jakeways!