New Music Friday: Like Sabrina Carpenter’s Latest Album? Check Out These Songs by Independent Artists!

Sabrina Carpenter’s newest album, emails i can’t send, was released on July 15th. Though it’s still fresh on everyone’s minds, YEM has compiled a playlist for fans who might want to venture out. While every artist has their own flair, these songs each have the same authenticity and talent that every great Sabrina Carpenter song requires. 

First up is “Love Song” by Kirby, off her 2021 album Sis. He Wasn’t the One. It’s a soft and tender song about prioritizing self-love over a toxic relationship: “If my heart has got to break/I won’t break it over you/If my mind has got to break/I wanna break it off with you.” Carpenters will definitely like the themes of independence and breaking free from toxicity. A word to the wise: if something is broken beyond repair, it’s always okay to walk away. Sabrina Carpenter and Kirby seem like independent women who get that, even if it’s a super hard lesson to learn. “If You Want My Love” by Jordan Occasionally is similarly gentle and honest. This is their latest single, released just last month. Jordan Occasionally’s vocals are strong here; they’re clearly giving it their all, and it pays off, making for a solid single that’s bound to build their fan base. 

Although alt-pop band luhx hasn’t been active since 2018, they’ve got some great singles that are well worth your time. “poison.” was released back in 2016, and explores the difficulty that always accompanies letting go. This is the kind of song that just flows, with ethereal background vocals, and piano that adds a touch of sadness and sincerity. If that wasn’t tearjerking enough, listen to “The Moon.” Emily Deahl’s 2021 single is great for fans of Sabrina Carpenter’s vulnerable piano ballads. As Deahl grieves the loss of a special relationship, it’s hard not to feel touched by her heartbreaking honesty. 

“Spoils of War” is stef’s latest single, released last April. Her vocals are edited to imitate hyperventilation, creating an emotional portrayal of panic.  “No Fire” by Sofya Wang is another artful depiction of helplessness and confusion. This single came out in 2018, an electrifying rock song by a versatile, genre-spanning artist. Carpenters will love Wang’s ability to translate seemingly indescribable feelings into songs. And that guitar? Heavenly. 

Fhat is a singer-songwriter duo comprised of Aaron Pfeiffer and Sedric Perry. Their song, “Waves,” was released a couple years ago, and is as dreamy as they come. Those who love Sabrina Carpenter’s creativity and lyricism are sure to appreciate Pfeiffer and Perry’s skills. Phé is another talented songwriter on this playlist, with her 2020 Valentine’s Day single, “Worst Days.” Her creative music video plays with colors; blue and yellow makeup, outfits, and set pieces make for some awesome juxtaposition that’s a feast for the eyes. 

 Somme’s “Heartbeat” is the first track on her 2020 EP Part of My Body. It’s quality alt-pop that delves into the rapid rise and fall of new love. It ends with a satisfying crescendo of layered vocals. “man child” by Aria Wood expresses dissatisfaction with a boyfriend’s childish behavior. It’s a calm-sounding song that packs a punch, with personal lyrics that aren’t afraid to go there, just like emails i can’t send. 

Fan of “Vicious”? Give “Broken Boy” a listen. It’s an uplifting, empowering single by Dana McCoy. McCoy calls out the guy who tried to drag her down with him, but ultimately comes out stronger for it (“Take every piece of me/You can’t make peace with me/So fall apart on your own”). The vocals and background music work in tandem to create a smooth, warm sound – which should come as no surprise, seeing as McCoy was featured on Spotify’s “Butter” playlist. 

“Honeycomb” was released in 2019, off Eva Tolkin’s album Truthfully. Formerly known as EVA, “Honeycomb” is one of her most popular songs. A bubbly track as sweet as its namesake, it’s not difficult to see why. 

You might recognize this next musician from her YouTube channel. With almost three million subscribers, Anna Akana is a multitalented writer, actress, and musician. Her most recent single, “Sunshine,” opens with a happy hum; it’s cheery and hopeful, ideal for warm days and long drives. Coming in at number fourteen is Hyra’s “Sad Lullaby.” It’s a dance-pop hit with nearly a million Spotify listens. Her vocals are great, but the beats are the song’s true standout. They’re super unique and bound to keep listeners hooked. 

If your favorite emails i can’t send song was “bet u wanna,” you might want to give “Morals” a listen. It’s a flirtatious single by Helen; her breathy vocals will make listeners want to put on those headphones and get lost in the song. “Dirty Laundry,” by duo Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman, is a single released in 2020. Brex’s sweet soprano, the song’s lively beats, and the romantic subject matter will definitely appeal to Carpenters’ tastes. 

Next up is Mette Towley, with “Petrified.” Going by “Mette,” this singer has already made a name for herself in the acting and dancing worlds. “Petrified,” her only song (so far), is her first foray into music. A lively dance song, it delivers on catchiness and emotion in equal parts – just like Sabrina Carpenter! “nuh uh” is just as good for dancing. Canadian musician Jade Goudreault serves unique pop beats on a silver platter in this 2021 track. It’s the kind of song that turns indie artists into pop stars, and with “nuh uh” at over three million Spotify listens, Goudreault is definitely close. “Peachie” was released by tiLLie the same year. Ever wonder what Princess Peach would sound like if she get fed up with Mario and picked up a guitar? This is it. Its distorted beats and devil-may-care attitude are addictive; Sabrina Carpenter fans will love her commitment to staying “peachie” in the face of her haters. Last (but not least) is Meg Smith, with “Wake Me up When My 20s End.” It’s a bubbly song that feels straight out of a Y2K rom-com. Sure, it’s about all the turmoil that comes with entering adulthood, but confusion never sounded so catchy. 

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments! You can listen to the playlist here.