New Music Friday: September 8th

Labor Day has come and gone, but our New Music Friday is here to stay.

If you’re a music fan, you’ve come to the right place. At Young Entertainment Magazine, our talented team compiles a list of 20 little-known songs by 20 lesser-known music artists on a weekly basis.

This week’s New Music Friday starts with “Photographs” by Don’t Panic and ends with “Relight” by Acko. Here are all 20 songs for music browsing purposes.

1. “Photographs” by Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic returned to the music scene with their new single “Setting Up To Fail” from their third full-length album, Setting Up To Fail. Their single features a vibrant blend of good vibes, such as the Bayside, Sugarcult, and No Use For A Name styles.

Don’t Panic’s positive momentum has been going in their favor. There’s no surprise that their new single and album should be a rewarding listening experience for your ears.

2. “What It Was” by McMillin

McMillin cannot be put in a box.

McMillin’s new single “What It Was” seamlessly combines genres, showcasing his case as a fusion music artist. He has gained inspiration from the pop, rock, and funk genres. His single starts off strong, then slows into a mellow beat under a groovy bass riff. His single’s a must-stream song. 

3. “Ya Ya Ya” by Space Cadet

Space Cadet released a new single “Ya Ya Ya” from their new four-song EP, Suede Originals, to all streaming platforms.

So far, Space Cadet’s expansion attempt at a collective, non-punk rock sound has been working in their favor. Their new single sounds like a cross between Husker Du’s jangly side and early, shoegazy Britpop, according to Brooklynvegan. Their single’s a must-hear song.

4. “Make Believe” by Kaylee Lauren

Kaylee Lauren is a young singer-songwriter with a deep passion for music.

Kaylee Lauren’s new single “Make Believe” blends elements of pop and dark pop — a blend she’d like to share with the public. Lauren’s deeply authentic and vulnerable songwriting shines in her powerful single. If you like strong lyrics, you should stream her single right now!

5. “Erase Me” by Gravas

Gravas was thrilled to release their debut single “Erase Me” to the public. “Erase Me” was released through Monstercat.

Gravas’ first single can be described as a hypnotic track that combines the band’s collective love for EDM and heavy metal. As a result, they crafted a sweeping sonic landscape that built up in a cathartic release — and their track was truly a beautiful piece of art.

6. “Wait On Me” by KIANA ft. Lou Celestino

KIANA dropped a new single “Wait On Me” and an accompanying music video. KIANA teamed up with Lou Celestino for the recording of the track.

The music video for “Wait On Me” is empowering to say the least. The video paid tribute to women everywhere and showcased women’s power, boldness, and bravery when it comes to almost everything in life. Moreover, the video took place in Tehran, Iran, but in a dystopian, sci-fi version of the country’s capital.  

7. “Vertigo” by Griff

Griff released her first single of 2023 in “Vertigo” after a short and sweet music festival run.

Believe it or not, Griff was nervous about releasing “Vertigo” to the public. “Why’s that?” you ask. The singer said that touring and sharing music still feels like seperate muscles. The singer also mentioned that it has been a minute, but she was excited because it feels like people like it.

8. “Falling” by Barmuda

Barmuda’s new single “Falling” is available on all streaming platforms.

Barmuda is a singer-songwriter most known for his vocal performances and songwriting abilities. Barmuda’s catchy toplines compliment his recognizable lyricism. He has been releasing music for two-plus years, but his impressive record has reached more than 15 million streams in 2022. His attempts to try fresh, new things have been paying off.

9. “Which Way To Go” by Malek Hanna

Malek Hanna works in many facets of entertainment. Music is one of those facets.

Hanna released his original single “Which Way To Go” and an accompanying music video. “Which Way To Go” was recently chosen as an official selection in the Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hanna’s new album, On the Right Track, consists of nine original songs including “Which Way To Go” according to CanvasRebel Magazine.

10. “Walked Away” by SALEEM

The powerhouse of SALEEM and Robbie Hutton has returned to Soundcloud’s imprint. This time, there’s a newcomer in Cuish.

“Walked Away” can be described as a breezy deep house track full of summer vibes. The track’s vocals were accompanied by soothing guitars and lush piano chords, making it a perfect sync for a summer dance-pop song. The groove can take the listener to another level, thanks to its hook.

11. “Go Ahead & Make It” by Whitney Miller

Whitney Miller was more than excited to release her new single “Go Ahead & Make It” to the public. “Go Ahead & Make It” shows Miller’s hard work and dedication, whether in country music studios, beauty pageants, or kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) rings.

The country singer-songwriter’s music video for “Go Ahead & Make It” premiered on Heartland on September 1st, and digitally through The Music Universe. The former Miss Texas and Miss United States showed her vulnerable site with each note in her new song.

12. “Señorita” by BAYZY, Jordan Rys, and Swizznife

BAYZY collaborated with Jordan Rys and Swizznife for the new single “Señorita” available now wherever you stream your music!

“Señorita” is an electronic and dance-pop that can get you on the dance floor any time of the year. BAYZY’s a talented music artist with over 380,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Oh, and BAYZY attracts the most listeners from these five cities: 1) Stockholm, Sweden, 2) Oslo, Norway, 3) Santiago, Chile, 4) Jakarta, Indonesia, and 5) Mexico City, Mexico.

13. “I Ain’t Worried” by Mazdem

Mazdem recently remixed “I Ain’t Worried” by OneRepublic and released their remix to the public. OneRepublic released “I Ain’t Worried” in 2022 for the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack.

Mazdem’s remix of “I Ain’t Worried” was a hit among OneRepublic and non-OneRepublic fans alike. Mazdem is a music producer synonymous of strength, energy, and madness with a massive track record released on major record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music, etc.

14. “Falling For You” by LUJANO

Lujano is a DJ and producer with more than 300,000 streams worldwide.

Lujano’s new single “Falling For You” was released through Smashing Records a few weeks ago. “Falling For You” is a deep house song and an original mix. Its lyrics “No matter what I do, I keep on falling for you” can relate to some, if not most, of the listeners’ love lives.

15. “If You Want” by Deepest ft. AMHouse and Hasan Aydin 

Deepest is a versatile DJ and producer who excels in a wide variety of house sub-genres such as dance, deep house, pop, and chill music. Deepest can do everything from mixing songs to producing soundscapes.

Deepest’s new single “If You Want” with AMHouse and Hasan Aydin combines irresistible beats, melodies, and vocals that will transport listeners — like you — to another world. Now’s the perfect time to listen to “If You Want” on your favorite streaming platform!

16. “Seven Nation Army – The Late Night Project Remix” by The FifthGuys

The FifthGuys recently released “Seven Nation Army – The Late Night Project Remix” to the public. “Seven Nation Army – The Late Night Project Remix” features Polina Grace and The Late Night Project.

The FifthGuys are a duo consisting of Giacomo and Stefano. Growing up in Italy, the duo met in high school and formed a friendship over their love and passion for music and have been creating new future bass/trap music together. Their new single “Seven Nation Army – The Late Night Project Remix” is one of the many songs that propelled them to the spotlight as a Top 10 most-streamed Italian artist.

17. “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” by Fransii

Fransii released a new single “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” with Emilio and Julia Nem. “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” was originally performed and released by David Guetta, Anne-Marie, and Coi Leray.

“Baby Don’t Hurt Me” is a catchy song for all the dancers on the dance floor. Oh, and Fransii is an up-and-coming music artist with over 62,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

18. “Your Eyes” by Flamez Nguyen
Flamez Nguyen is a young yet passionate DJ and producer from Vietnam.

Nguyen released his new single “Your Eyes” through Smashing Records. “Your Eyes” is an energetic dance song with an intense buildup and deep lyrics. So, if you’re looking for the perfect dance song, you should stream “Your Eyes” right now!

19. “Lovestruck” by AARMO and Janet Tung

AARMO and Janet Tung released their new single “Lovestruck” through 5th Records in recent weeks.

“Lovestruck” is a fire song with emotionally-charged vocals, mesmerizing beats, and a memorable buildup. For example, Janet Tung’s singing voice when she sings, “Kiss got me addicted. I’m lovestruck again.”

20. “Relight” by Acko and CHXBB

Acko and CHXBB partnered up to record and release their new single “Relight” through Smashing Records in recent weeks.

“Relight” is a catchy song with emotional lyrics and vocals, an intriguing buildup, and low-key beats and piano chords. “Relight” can entertain you, whether you’re about to hit the dance floor with a dance partner or present a speech to an audience.