New Music Fridays: playlist on Zendaya’s career starting from the beginning

Before fame Zendaya started out acting at 8 years old at the Shakespeare Theater in Oakland California where her mother worked as the house manager. It is insane that she came from being Rocky Blue on Shake it Up to being an Emmy award winning fashion icon that she is today. Zendaya is one of the most successful former Disney child stars behind Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. One of the songs that best represents Zendaya’s career would be Confident by Justin Bieber ft. Chance the Rapper. Zendaya is just someone that you can look at and she just bleeds confidence. She is one of the most well-dressed celebrities on the scene today, when she shows up to red carpets, you can tell she knows she is where she is supposed to be and knows that she looks good.   

Zendaya is what you would call a triple threat, she can sing, act, dance and is amazing at all of them. Zendaya is also a huge philanthropist and is incredibly open on social media about body shaming, women rights, etc. She is a huge inspiration to young girls everywhere of all ages. Therefore, Motivation by Normani is a great song to describe the influence she has on this up and coming generation. Elevate by Drake is another song that best represents not only Zendaya’s career but Zendaya as a person. This song is about being so successful in the world that you must delegate all your tasks to get everything done. You are constantly busy; this song totally represents Zendaya because she is totally the “IT” girl in Hollywood right now and she is not shining away from the limelight anytime soon.  

Breadwinner by Kasey Musgraves is also a song to think of when you think of Zendaya Colemen. Zendaya is one of the highest grossing stars of 2021 and she also tops the list of being one of the youngest people to ever achieve this. She is also the face of Valentino, Lancôme, and Bulgari. She also has modeled for several Vogue covers, as well as designing her own clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger. This girl is making money and she is doing it all by herself which perfectly correlates to the lyrics of Breadwinner.   

The song Level Up by Ciara really speaks to Zendaya’s career transition from her Disney channel days, and it is the best song to round out this playlist with. Level Up is a song about empowerment and growth and not stopping until you achieve everything you want and not settling for anything less than that. Being known as “the girl from Disney Channel ” is one of the hardest images to break away from. Once their time on the channel has ended all these former child stars start looking not only for more mature roles but also for people to take them seriously in the industry. Not only did Zendaya complete the transition, she also did it with such ease. She went from acting on a kids show to being an executive producer and starring in one of the biggest shows to hit the scene for the millennial/gen z age demographic in years.