A New Species is Attending Seabrook High School In Zombies 3

Get ready for some new students at Seabrook High School. New students that are literally from out of this world. That’s right, the newcomers are aliens. 

So, the third installment of the highly popular movie franchise Zombies has some recurring actors and some new ones too. Coming back to the franchise are the charming zombies, Bonzo (played by James Godfrey), Eliza (played by Kylee Russell), and Zoey (played by Kingston Foster). The werewolves, Wynter (played by Ariel Martin), Willa (played by Chandler Kinney), and Wyatt (played by Pearce Joza). 

Newcomers to the Zombies franchise are, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’s Matt Cornett, Kyra Tantao, and Terry Hu. These three will be playing the aliens in the new movie. Matt Cornett, Kyra Tantao, and Terry Hu characters names are A-Lan, A-Li, and A-Spen. Maybe all aliens names in the movie start with A-something to show that they identify as aliens. Also, rumor has it that the aliens possess telepathic powers. The newcomers will be attending their senior year at Seabrook High School as Zed and Addison. 



Since the last movie, the werewolves, humans, and zombies have been living together as equals, in the safe haven of Seabrook. However, with the arrival of this new species, the others will be appalled for sure. This is surely a senior surprise for them all.  

The franchise has risen to success in the previous year with, both Zombies and Zombies 2 ranking in first on cable for kids between the ages of 6-14. As said by Judy Taylor (senior vice president, Casting, Disney Branded Television), “ Our Zombies franchise has created a remarkable connection with kids everywhere, thanks in large part to the characters’ optimistic and relatable attributes that help them build identity, overcome obstacles and foster an inclusive community.” “The story in this installment further develops those same themes with the introduction of new outsiders played by a talented and diverse group of actors.”

Based on what is already known of the Zombies Franchise, the third should be a hit. It will be great to see a new species and how the original characters react to the newcomers. This movie will be out of this world for sure!