Noah Reid Goes To ‘Work’

Things to know about Noah Reid: he’s Canadian (and still a die-hard Blue Jays fan); in addition to pursuing an acting career, he’s also a musician; and he stars on the new ABC Family show Kevin From Work as the titular Kevin, you know, from work. Oh, and one more thing: in case you were already beginning to harbor a bit of a crush on impulsive Kevin and/or dreamy Canuck Noah, take a number, because he’s already taken–to long-time Torontan GF Clare. YE was lucky enough to have a chat with Noah about his whimsical character Kevin, about growing up in Toronto and his future in Hollywood, as well as that whole trying to make it as a musician thing.


If you haven’t already tuned in to Kevin From Work on ABC Family (Wednesdays), the premise of the show requires a bit of explaining. Noah tells us this about Kevin: “Kevin’s a nice guy who just can’t get a break. He hates his job, mostly because he’s in love with his not-at-all single coworker Audrey, and it’s driving him crazy. So he applies for and gets a job in Italy. After a goodbye party and a couple of drinks, he decides to write Audrey a letter telling her how he feels, and he drunkenly sends it by snail mail. He wakes up to a hangover and an email telling him the job in Italy has fallen through, and he does everything he can to get the letter back, fearing that Audrey will not only know about his feelings for her, but that he’ll have to work next to her again, full of shame and embarrassment.”

Wowwww. Confessing love to a coworker like that is a pretty impetuous thing to do, definitely takes a lot of cojones, if you will. Whether it’s super creepy or super romantic is in the eye of the beholder. Noah agrees and says, “Oh, it’s definitely not something he would have done without a little liquid courage! But I think it opens the door for him to start being who he is a bit more, and taking risks and going after what he wants.”

Noah seems excited to be a part of the ABC Family family, and he’s excited to be taking the journey with the network as they venture out into more “acerbic” and mature comedy with shows like Kevin From Work. “ABC Family’s audience is growing up, and a lot of them are post grad, looking for jobs (or better jobs) and relationships (or not relationships), so I think a lot of the audience will relate to Kevin.”


Noah with TV crush Audrey, actress Paige Spara

So what’s next for this young Canadian in Hollywood? Well, Noah is a multi-hyphenate as he pursues a musical career in addition to his acting career. Discussing the uncertainty that naturally accompanies a career in Hollywood, Noah tells us, “I try to keep my feet moving creatively to stave off the feeling of helplessness that seems to come with being an actor sometimes. So, I write and play music as well. I’m releasing my first album Songs From A Broken Chair sometime in the near future.”

In the present though, Noah discusses life in LA as a Canadian transplant saying he it’s the city of Toronto itself that he misses as the most. And Canadian microbrews, naturally. Regarding life in LaLa land, Noah reports that his relationships are what keep him grounded. “I have quite a few Canadian friends here in LA that I try to hang out with when I’m not working, and the cast of the show is such a lovely group of people. The best thing has been that my girlfriend Clare has been able to come down and spend time here. She’s the best thing I know.”


Now that you’ve gotten to know the man behind Kevin, be sure to check out Kevin From Work Wednesdays this fall on ABC Family!