Keith Powers Promises He’s Not ‘Faking It’

You can stop holding your breath because Faking It finally returns to MTV next Monday, August 31st!!! And also returning is Keith Powers as Anthony/Theo. YE got a chance to sit down with Keith to talk about the return of Faking It where he dished on his fellow castmates as well as some of the quirks of their characters. But the highlight of our chat was when Keith got serious about how much he appreciates his fans and the fans of the show, and how he’s so happy to be working on a show that can make people “feel some type of way” such that they reach out and connect with him via social media. He likened the experience to his own experience as a viewer watching Drake on Degrassi; Drake’s character getting shot had Keith “feeling some type of way,” and he’s excited to be able to bring things full circle and have that Drake-like connection with Faking It‘s viewers. He’s definitely not faking his enthusiasm for his fan base.

Don’t worry, Keith. You’ve definitely got everybody at YE feeling some type of way!!! Check out the full interview below for all the inside info on Keith, Theo, and the new season of Faking It on MTV Mondays.

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