Scorching Hot: 10 Favorite Dylan O’Brien Moments

In honor of the September 18th premiers of The Scorch Trials, the second installment in James Dashner’s The Maze Runner series, we dug up some of our favorite Dylan O’Brien moments, star of The Maze Runner films as well as MTV’s Teen Wolf series where he plays goofy second banana Stiles.

Check out our top 10 favorite Dylan O’Brien moments below!!


10. Remember that moment in The Maze Runner when Dylan’s character Thomas finally reached his breaking point with all the damn rules? He scrunched his face up in sickened determination and plunged head-first into the closing maze, all to save Runners Alby and Minho, which totally defied all the Glade rules that creepy Gally was hell bent on enforcing….a move which would would come back to haunt him before all in the maze was said and done…

9. While Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were the big men on campus in The Internship, Dylan’s hilarious turn as Google intern Stuart stole the show. Stuart was the stereotypical ironic, eye-rolling, seen-it-all-and-you’re-boring-me hipster who could never stop looking at his phone screen. But Dylan as Stuart kept Vaughn and Wilson’s characters on their toes with his constant critiques, and his eye rolls alone were enough to steal some of the big guys’ comedy thunder.

8. On Teen Wolf, basically any Sterek moment ever. Anytime Dylan’s character Stiles faces off with frenemy/bromance/nemesis Derek Hale on the MTV drama, the vibe is awkward, hilarious, and awkwardly hilarious. Dylan plays the comedy foil to Derek’s dark broodiness. A great juxtaposition that gave us the bromance couple name Sterek.



7. Speaking of Sterek…Pretty much everyone agrees, the stand out moment of Sterek is of course the “My cousin Miguel” moment where Stiles explains away Derek’s presence in his room as just his “cousin Miguel.” Both actors really hit it home, Tyler Hoechlin as the brooding and annoyed Derek, and Dylan as goofy and improvising Stiles. This is a Sterek bromance classic.


Dylan O’Brien and the other Gladers

6. …Back to the Glade and breaking all the rules. In the denouement of The Maze Runner, Thomas defies Gally and his rules one last time when it appears that he and Teresa are about to be executed as sacrifice to the mechanical monsters the Grievers as punishment for defying Gally. Thomas plays sick and helpless, but at the last minute, he stiffens up, and he and his friends turn the tables on Gally, entering the maze to find either destruction or salvation, or maybe both.

5. Cousin Miguel returns to Teen Wolf in season 4 when the older Derek has been cursed to be a young teenager again. This time, Stiles and Derek attempt a convo in Spanish as subterfuge, and the results are hilarious.

4. Continuing on with Dylan’s arc as Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf, basically all of season 3, the season that Stiles went dark and Dylan’s strengths and range as an actor were really put on display. His acting chops are front and center especially in the 18th episode of season 3, “Riddled.” Thinking he might have the same neurological condition that killed his mother, Stiles undergoes an MRI to map his brain. But maybe his condition isn’t medical….maybe it’s something more sinister…?


3. You might have missed Dylan in the 2012 coming of age rom-com The First Time. But don’t wait any longer to check out Dylan’s understated performance in the film about a shy awkward couple attempting to connect in more ways than one.

THE FIRST TIME, US poster art, bottom, from left: Britt Robertson, Dylan O'Brien, top: Victoria Justice (second from left), with eyeglasses: Craig Roberts, 2012./©Warner Bros

2. Speaking of lovey-dovey Dylan…remember way back in season 1 of Teen Wolf when Stiles was crushing on Lydia? He goofily describes his hypothetical dream girl–“5’2, strawberry blond, green eyes”–and of course his hypothetical is the very real fireball Lydia. But the moment is so sweet and dreamy, that it’s at the top of our list!!!


1. Four Words: The Scorch Trials Trailer

The second installment in The Maze Runner series looks epically more action packed than the first. It also looks much more substantive as far as story, plotting, and character development goes than The Maze Runner which had our heroes essentially stuck on the Glade in a boring ho hum limbo. But now that they’re “free” and slowly discovering answers about the events that destroyed civilization, the Gladers encounter more badass characters and more crazy action. Best moment from the trailer: When Dylan as Thomas escapes the clutches of megalomaniacal Aiden Gillen (equally creepy as Littlefinger on Game of Thrones) by sliding under the lowering door toward his friends just in the nick of time. Enjoy the trailer for now, but be sure to check out the real thing in theaters September 18th.