Olivia Cooke: Up and Comer

Olivia Cooke is on her way up!

If you have a thing for the supernatural, you might recognize Olivia Cooke from sci-fi horror flicks, “The Quiet Ones” and “Ouija,” or creepy TV-series, “The Bates Motel,” but more than likely you may not know her name just yet. That is going to change.

In her first film of 2015 she’s starring in the adaptation of the heartfelt teen book, “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.” And just like the book, the film, and Olivia, are awesome.

In “Me and Earl and The Dying Girl” Olivia plays Rachel the “dying girl.” It’s one of those roles that could easily turn to melodrama but Olivia doesn’t go that route. She brings a patience, humor and depth to Rachel, who is struggling with Leukemia.

But that’s nothing new for the 21-year-old English actress. She is no stranger to bringing humanity to a character struggling with illness. For the past few years in “Bates Motel” she has played eighteen-year-old Emma Decody, a quirky intelligent young girl with cystic fibrosis that leaves her dependent on an oxygen tank and her sense of humor to keep on keeping on. With such a strong foundation, it’s no wonder she’s getting amazing feedback on “Me and Earl and The Dying Girl.”

She’s also the kind of actress who’s thinking about her audience and how she’s portraying them. When talking about the script for “Me and Earl and They Dying Girl” she said that she was drawn to it because of its “honesty.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter she said,

“There’s a bunch of scripts that you’re sent all the time that are supposed to be able to depict how it is to be in high school, and I feel like a lot of them are just obnoxious and stereotypical and quite offensive to young adults. And I felt like I could do something with Rachel and not let people see her as a victim.”

She did just that. She’s thinking in the long term and so are we. Onscreen she’s a quiet fearless force to be reckoned with and off-screen she’s no different. She’s got a relatable sense of humor and natural instincts that makes her both down-to-earth and exciting to watch.

As her run on “Bates Motel” comes to a close, we seriously can’t wait to see what she chooses to do next!