Chris Wood: New Up-and-Comer

If you’ve been watching Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries, you’ve probably noticed the incredibly hot newcomer Chris Wood as Kai, the mysterious warlock trapped in the Otherworldly Dimension along with Damon and Bonnie. Now that Damon’s escaped back to the real Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Kai will likely be spending some quality time together. Kai is one of our favorite new characters on TV this fall, and Chris Wood is one of our favorite new up-and-comers.

Chris’ first role was a series regular on a pilot for Amazon Instant Video called Browsers. The series followed a group of people working at an internet startup, and did not get picked up to series. Shortly thereafter, Chris appeared on one episode of Major Crimes as a failed reality TV star who goes on a killing spree.The first major role for Chris came on The CW’s The Carrie Diaries. Chris plays Adam Weaver, a young playwright who becomes a complicated and memorable love interest of Carrie’s. A relationship that was destined to fail, because both Weaver and Carrie were hung up on exes, the most memorable thing about Weaver was that he was Carrie’s first.

Chris also appeared on a very memorable episode of HBO’s Girls as Paul, one of four young gay men that Hannah (Lena Dunham) and the other girls run into and pull into their circle while they are all vacationing in The Hamptons. Even the girls of Girls, who are known for stirring up drama, can’t even handle the level of drama brought into the beach house by these four boys.

With his role on TVD well underway, we think that Chris Woods will likely land himself either a series role on TVD, or be plucked up to star on some amazing new project. Either way, we’re watching, and we’re psyched.