Original Song “Nobody Like U” from Disney/Pixar’s Turning Red Now Available

On February 25, new original song “Nobody Like U” from upcoming Disney/Pixar film Turning Red and its lyric video became available. The song is performed by the fictional boy band 4Town, the first Disney/Pixar has ever had. Members of the band are Robaire (voiced by Jordan Fisher), Jesse (voiced by Finneas O’Connell), Aaron T. (voiced by Topher Ngo), Tae Young (voiced by Grayson Villanueva), and Aaron Z. (voiced by Josh Levi). In true boy band fashion, “Nobody Like U” is a love song. And, as it’s sung by young teens, it’s tame, but catchy. Where it will be heard in the film is anyone’s guess at this time. 

“Nobody Like U” was written by Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy-winning singer-songwriters Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, with the film’s score composed by Oscar-winning composer Ludwig Göransson, known for his work on Black Panther and The Mandalorian. Other original songs from Eilish and O’Connell for the film include “1 True Love” and “U Know What’s Up.” 

Turning Red is a movie about a 13-year-old girl named Mei Lee, voiced by Rosalie Chiang. Mei is a spunky, confident girl who loves hanging out with her friends and excelling at school. But normal life goes out the window one day when she wakes up as a giant red panda. This ‘quirk,’ according to her mother, apparently has been in Mei’s family for generations, and now she has to deal with it along with the complexities of growing up. This wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t keep turning into the red panda every time she feels strong emotions, like excitement or stress. Will she be able to handle this new ability or lose control of it? Turning Red premieres on March 11, 2022, only on Disney+.