Ron’s Gone Wrong: The Brand New Robot Movie

Get ready to meet the cute and funny BBot, Ron and the socially awkward middle-schooler Barney. This coming-of-age movie is adorable!

20th Century Studio and Locksmith Animation dropped on the 8th the trailer for the CG animation of the movie “Ron’s Gone Wrong” and it looks like it is going to be a heartwarming, cute, and funny best friend movie. Starring the hilarious comedy actors Zach Galifanikis (playing the robot in the movie)  and Thomas Barbusca (playing the middle-schooler Barney). 

This isn’t Galifianakis first rodeo in young adult movies. He’s played in Puss in Boots, Missing Link, and A Wrinkle In Time. Also, Barbusca has played his fair share of roles. He has played in The Mick and Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life. So, with Galifanikis’s humor and Barbusca’s fresh talent, they will make a great acting pair.

The trailer gives Big Hero 6 vibes. It follows the plot of Barney, a middle-schooler just trying to fit in. He lives in a world where everyone’s best friend are BBots, smart robots who are capable of just about anything like, taking pictures, changing themselves into different characters, and responding to their owners. So, the day finally comes where Jayden gets his very own BBot but there’s a catch. His BBot “Ron” is buggy. 

The trailer starts off with an BBot ad, showing off their features and it looks pretty impressive. The BBots can use filters, play, and interact like never before. Then, Barney gets his late birthday present which was Ron. 

Barney opens it to find that one of Ron’s eyes goes to the bottom of his body and is glitching. So, he’s disappointed and worried about bringing him to school. They go on trips and adventures and Barney realizes that he likes Ron and they become the perfect duo. He discovers himself through Ron and learns valuable lessons. 

This movie is the perfect coming-of-age movie for any teen and preteen. Check out now on YouTube!