This PLL Mystery Has Been Solved!

It’s been over a month since “Pretty Little Liars” premiered its final episode, and fans are still not over it. But while the hit show came to an end, fans still wanted answers. Of course the biggest fan question that still needs an answer is how the Liar moms got out of the basement!

As fans recall, in Season 6, the moms of our favorite liars were all trapped by ‘A’ in the DiLaurentis’ basement. But somehow, without any explanation, they all broke free and escaped! Ever since, fans have been wondering how the moms pulled it off. In the final season of the show, fans weren’t given an answer, until now…

Thankfully, PLL star Shay Mitchell came to the rescue. Shay paid a visit to the Pretty Little Liars museum on the Warners Brother’s lot and ran into a familiar face: I. Marlene King, the show runner for the Freeform series. Shay finally got an answer and posted it on her social media!

Scroll to 3:30 in the video below to find out!