10 Times Mariana Foster Said it Best

After four successful years on television, everyone’s favorite family is back now in its fifth season. The Fosters has graced us with many hilarious, heart-wrenching, and dramatic scenes of each family member or even of the whole family from day one. But today we’re focusing on one specific sassy Foster who’s made us feel all of the above: Mariana.

1) “Oh, my God. It’s like evil in my mouth” (S1, Ep 15 – Padre )

Although we may not all have the same reaction to licorice as Mariana does by blurting this out, we have all definitely been there. Some things just don’t belong in your mouth.

2) “The Fast and the Furious: 2 Fast 2 Furious” (S2, Ep 3 – Play)If this quote was in a quiz testing how well you know the Fosters kids, every watcher would’ve gotten this one. Mariana’s attempt to convince the moms that they were watching a movie and definitely not having a raging party at the house was interesting, but it worked.


3) By the way, I’m still a virgin because I want to be not because I HAVE to be” (S2, Ep 6 – Mother)Delivered with just the right amount of Mariana-sass, this line was aimed at Jesus but heard by a wider audience – Brandon and his friend, Mat. Brandon drives the line home by subsequently introducing her as “virgin Mariana” to a smiling Mat.

4) “The 1950’s called, they want their joke back” (S2, Ep 6 – Mother)Sibling banter isn’t anything new on this show, but it just keeps getting better and better with each coming season. This gem from Season 2 had us wide-eyed and admiring Mariana’s quick retort at Jesus’s insult.

5) Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission” ( S3, Ep 6 – It’s My Party)Mariana can be the queen of sass most times, but she has her moments of seriousness. This one brought some really solid advice that can apply to a number of situations.

6) “Why are you always up in my grill?” (S2, Ep 7 –  The Longest Day)Is there a better way of asking why someone won’t stop bothering you with their nosiness? Probably not, because this one delivers in both creativity and bite.

7) “What are we supposed to do now? And don’t say “Enjoy nature”!” (S2, Ep 14 – Mother Nature)Family trips up into the wilderness aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially not Mariana’s. Like most of us, she’d rather be scrolling through Twitter or Instagram than going off the grid.

8) “Girl please, no one says no to Miss Thang” (S2, Ep 2 – Take Me Out)Well, when you put it that way, it’s hard to say no.

9) “How much are you willing to pay for it?” (S2, Ep 6 – Mother) Never missing a moment to score some money, Mariana was quick to offer up the kitchen table that Callie said moments ago, was not one sale. Talk about being an entrepreneur.

10) “Romance during lunch, nice! Way to up your game.” (S1, Ep 19 – Don’t Let Go)That’s an arrow straight to Stef’s pride, Mariana. Give your mama a little break!