Hanna and Mike

We love a lot of aspects of PLL – obviously, we dedicated an entire weekly column to it! But one of the unsung heroes of the show is Mike Montgomery. Portrayed by Cody Christian, Mike has grown up to be a more complex and nuanced character than we could have ever imagined. We’ve gotten the chance to chat with Cody previously, check out those interviews on our site!

He’s a prominent character on the show, however he’s even more of a key player in the books. There, Mike has dated both Hanna and Kate, however his relationship with Hanna started out as a bet. Hanna in the books was trying to steal Mike from Kate due to their rivalry. Ironically, Kate wasn’t interested in Mike to begin with. But once Hanna started dating Mike, she actually fell for him, prompting a real relationship to come out of a bet. In the show, Mike and Hanna have hooked up, but that’s as far as it goes… so far. What would it be like if they really got together? In the books, Mike is friends with Noel, who dates Aria. What would this foursome be like on the show? What would it mean for PLL’s future? In any case, we think Hanna and Mike would make an awesome couple on the show and are keeping our fingers crossed it will happen soon. Outside of just looking awesome together, they both have a certain darkness that is difficult to understand in a relationship unless you’ve experienced it yourself. What do you think about #MikeandHanna? Tweet us @YAmzine!