Poll: Favorite Dylan O’Brien Role

Scorch Trials will be heating up theaters Friday, September 18th. If you’re not familiar, it’s the second installment in The Maze Runner series adapted from the book series of the same name by YA author James Dashner. Scorch Trials follows Dylan O’Brien as Thomas and the other Gladers who (spoiler alert) escaped the maze in last year’s Maze Runner only to now be even more confused about the status of world and their role in what happened and what is to come. The Gladers must travel a desolate and desert-like landscape in search of info on the mysterious entity known as WCKD that is possibly behind the maze and who knows what else. This installment promises to be way more action-packed and substantive than its predecessor, not to mention it HAS TO reveal more of the crazy mystery behind WCKD and the maze. There’s a lot riding on a big budget sequel like this, and this could a BIG moment in Dylan’s career. But if you’re not familiar with Maze Runner or Scorch Trials, you probably know O’Brien from his more comedic role as goofy second banana Stiles in Teen Wolf on MTV. Either way, you know Dylan, and you love him. But which role is his best role? What’s your favorite Dylan O’Brien role? Tell us what you think by voting in our poll below!!!

Thomas in The Maze Runner/Scorch Trials

This is serious and anguished Dylan. His body and facial expressions are taut as he fights to save his friends from enemies unseen and uncover the truths that could kill or save them all.



Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf


Stiles and Derek=Sterek

From his bromance with Derek, a union known as Sterek, to paling around with the titular teen wolf Zach Posey, to crushing on gingery Lydia, Dylan’s turn as Stiles is def more comedic. But proving the kid has range in addition to his Maze Runner role is his turn as dark Stiles, a result of a curse in season 3. Gone is the goofy carefree dude, replaced by a menacing and creepy dark soul. But even so, Stiles is a great comedic offset to all the gothiness of Teen Wolf.

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