Poll: Hottest CW Premiere

All your CW faves finally returned with new episodes for the fall–vamps, zombies, super heroes, OH MY!!! But what was the hottest premiere? Which show had you on the edge of your seat, anxiously awaiting episode 2, like STAT?!?!?!?! Tell us your thoughts by voting in our CW premiere poll below!!!

The Flash


This premiere ep was hottttt, like literally. Al absorbs an inhuman amount of radiation and becomes too hot to handle after attacking a city ceremony honoring our hero. In his dying breaths he lays some truth bombs on The Flash that lead to more questions than answers, and then even more mysteries arrive with a new face on the scene at S.T.A.R. Labs. Things are only beginning to heat up!



Liv has a grumpy old man over for dinner, ahem… (AKA, she eats his brain to figure out how he died, duh!) It’s a funny start to a season a shakeups. Oh, and THIS moment happened… But is it hot enough to top the premiere we were all dying to see??? (Vampire Diaries, duh!)

The Vampire Diaries


While Damon and Bonnie are drinking their troubles away in Amsterdam, an Elena-free Mystic Falls is taken over by mischief and mayhem at the hands of the Heretics…culminating in a big BANG!!! Smoking HOTTTTT, but then that’s not the end of all the surprises. A time jump takes us ahead in the action creating even more mysterious drama for our vamps. So, was this the hottest premiere of the week? (Probably.)

The Originals


This flashback-heavy premiere gave us tons of insight to the past and lives of the entire Mikaelson clan…but was this vamp premiere hotter than its sister series The Vampire Diaries???



With The Darkness unleashed, Sam and Dean faced new and weird challenges, and possibly a disease making people behave like rabid animals. Ooohhhh, creepy! But was Supernatural scary enough to top TVD???



In this premiere, the mysterious Ghost organization threatens to overrun the city, but Diggle, Thea, and Laurel take matters into their own hands…with some help from Oliver, who began calling himself The Green Arrow!!! Holy ghost!!! But does this get your vote for hottest premiere?

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