Pretty Little Liars Tuesday: Who isn’t A?

Pretty Little Liars has us kept us hooked for six seasons with the simple question: Who is A? Over the years, we’ve discovered members of  The A Team, but more often than not we’ve watched the liars wrongly accuse people of being A. It turns out a lot of people aren’t A, but they’re still pretty devious characters. Let’s reflect on some of the false accusations and other twists and turns. We’ll start with official members of The A Team….

Mona Vanderwaal


Mona is the original A. She had a hardcore grudge against these ladies and wreaked her havoc. But soon enough Mona was demoted into a worker bee for a bigger badder A. Her allegiances flip flop constantly, but what we know for sure is she’s a super smart bad ass, who’s going to go down fighting.

Toby CavanaughVlcsnap-2012-08-28-16h03m36s74

Who wasn’t heartbroken when the hooded figure turned around and it was Toby!?! Poor Spencer. So much heartbreak. Turned out he joined The A-Team to try to protect her. He’s definitely not A, just a devoted dude.

Spencer HastingsSpencer_is_A

 Like Toby, she joined the A team with ulterior motives, but still did some bad deeds. Remember when she kidnapped Ezra’s kid and sent Aria into a frenzy. (Sidenote: that kid turned out not to be Ezra’s, but let’s not go there.)

Lucas GottesmanLucas_as_A

Lucas turned out to be a pawn, blackmailed by Mona to deliver secret messages and wreak havoc. He’s  just as much  victim as everyone else, easily swayed by his secrets and allegiances. No way he’s A.

Melissa HastingsBlack_swan

Melissa Hastings has many, many secrets. One biggie was exposed when we learned she was the black swan and the queen of hearts. Oh yea, and she drugged Aria. Every time she comes around trouble follows. If it turns out she’s somehow behind everything, no one would really be shocked.

Darren Wilden


Darren, not shockingly, turned out to be quite the corrupt cop. At the commands of Red Coat he blackmailed Melissa into doing his dirty work, tried to kill Aria and Spencer and maybe killed Garret Reynolds. Who knows what other secrets he was hiding? It’s too bad he’s dead and gone. Or is it for the best?

Alright, those are our official A-team members.

Now let the accusations begin!

Jenna Marshall


She hasn’t been around for a bit but she was at the top of the girl’s A-list for quite some time. While probably not A anymore (although really who knows?) she was behind a lot of nasty deeds against the liars and definitely is not a fan of Alison DiLaurentis. Although, really who is?


Noel Kahn


There was a time when they were convinced Noel was behind it all. It didn’t help that he was caught running around in A’s notorious black hoodie. But at this point it’s safe to assume that Noel isn’t the almighty A, just a kid with a grudge who catered to the whims of the girls he was dating.


Ian Thomas

Oh yea, remember him? Ian was a solid suspect for quite some time especially after being exposed as a member of the N.A.T Club. Then there was that suspicious video of him and Ali in the woods. While he proved to be quite sinister, he’s definitely not A anymore. You know…because he’s dead.

Garrett Reynolds


Another man who made some confusing choices that, rightfully, lead the girls to suspect him as A. His secret relationship with Jenna Marshall didn’t help. Neither did his messing with evidence from Ali’s crime scene. Oh yea and he liked to video tape young girls with Ian Thomas as part of the N.A.T. Club. He’s definitely not a good guy but being that he’s dead, he’s also definitely not A.

Alison DiLaurentis


Alison was a solid suspect until someone else kidnapped the liars. (Although, you never know if she might be behind the whole thing.) Ali is manipulative, deceitful, seemingly without conscious. She’s also done a lot of dirty work in a black hoodie. Remember when she pushed Ian off the bell tower? Or that time she kinda, sorta lured Bethany to Rosewood to kill her. She’s showing her softer side this season and helped rescue the liars, but could it all be a ruse?

Jason DiLaurentis


Jason has proven to be one of the most suspicious characters on the show in general. It doesn’t help that he’s a DiLaurentis and the only alive member of the creepy N.A.T Club. He’s always doing strange, secretive things and acting surprised later. Remember that time he had endless pictures of Aria in his shed! Or remember most scenes between him and Spencer, his other half sister. It’s hard not to feel sorry for him nowadays though, especially after learning his parents told him his brother was his imaginary friend. Poor guy. He’s probably not A, but he’s still got a history not to be proud of.

Paige McCullers

paige m

She’s a long standing member of the “I hate Alison” club and kept that shady history a secret from her girlfriend, Emily, for far too long. Hanna, Spencer and Aria’s suspicion of her caused strife between them and Emily but the team has since officially cleared her. Turns out she was just a victim of bullying who held a valid grudge. Ya can’t really blame her.

Nigel Wright


His appearance was so brief you may not even remember him. He was the overly charming guy in Season 4 who accompanied Jenna Marshal to Detective Wilden’s Funeral. He also lied to Toby and Caleb about flight records and ran away when they confront him and then blamed CeCe Drake. It’s unlikely he’s A. He’s simply another member of the A-team working at the whim of the ultimate big bad.

Wren Kingston


Wren’s always hiding something behind that smile and accent. His actions never have an acceptable reason. Remember when he made CeCe Drake a visitors pass to see Mona because he thought she’d be a good role model to her? As if. Remember that tension with Eddie Lamb who was helping Spencer? We do. Remember his weird phone calls that were never explained? Just because he hasn’t been around for a while doesn’t mean we don’t still have questions. He’s always extra suspicious, even though it was revealed he was being watched by A. That proves nothing.

CeCe Drake

cece drake

This chick is the second coming (after Alison herself) of dubious behavior. She has that same air of exploitation and bad behavior that Alison was born exuding. The girls have gone back and forth on her “A “status. Even though she’s a murderer (RIP Wilden) and a master manipulator it’s looking less and less like she’s A and just another queen of shade.

Ezra Fitz


Oh man, who wasn’t heartbroken when he lied to Aria? The girls definitely thought he was A for a hot second but he just turned out to be kind of a jerk. He kept his history with Alison hidden and monitored Aria and the liars with hidden cameras and spy equipment. He also let A continue to jerk them around without interfering in the name of a book. That ain’t right, Ezra

Shana Fring


Shana’s loyalties switched sides over and over. She helped Alison while she was in hiding, then was scared out of town by A, then attacked the liars in the name of her love for Jenna. Shana planned to kill the liars but instead Aria accidentally pushed her to her death. The group thought A was officially gone…but of course it wasn’t that easy.

Gabriel Holbrook


The girls believed he was doing Ali’s dirty work while she was jail and thought they saw him kissing her at the Christmas party. Turns out he was just another victim of Alison’s manipulation. He ended up getting kicked off the force. Bummer.

Mike Montgomery

mike montgomery

Mike’s love for Mona lead him to do some pretty suspicious things. Though Aria always defended him, the other liars weren’t so sure after they discovered he was visiting Ali in jail and stealing their blood. Yea, that happened. Turns out, he was just a boy in love.

Andrew Campbell

andrew cambell

Aria fingered him as their kidnapper, aka A, even though she had never actually seen him in the dollhouse. He became a fugitive because the police found A’s stuff in his farm, but it turns out he was just at he wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn’t pay to get close to these ladies.

Leslie Stone


Turns out Leslie has a lot more to hid than we thought. She did a secret stint at Radley with Mona and went through extreme measures to make sure the liars didn’t find out. Too Late. So far the girls have discovered she hated Bethany Young and doesn’t actually need the killer glasses she wears. She might be A or she might just be another loyal servant. Only time will tell.


charles dilaurentis pretty little liarsCharles DiLaurentis

Is he alive? Maybe we’ll find out tonight! 





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