Prom with The Fosters – A Disaster

Prom – the magical night every high schooler dreams of, filled with boys clad in pressed tuxedos and girls adorned in head-turning dresses dancing to Top Charts music. Adorable promposals come weeks before the event, increasing the excitement surrounding the event for both those attending and those who have yet to experience it. From those come the perfect prom couples, often crowned king and queen at the end of the night. If all of this sounds like it’s straight out of a movie or show following regular high school students, that’s because it absolutely is. While some prom nights go exactly as described, others seem to be unable to avoid disaster.

Since we’re on the topic, The Fosters is concluding its fifth season with its own take on the prom episode almost every single show has released at some point. While a show like Gossip Girl had more of a sweet, happy ending type of prom episode, others like Pretty Little Liars had an episode with no shortage of terrifying twists. The Fosters, considering it is a show that portrays realistic problems, stands somewhere in the middle of the prom-disaster-meter.

Beginning with probably the most scandalous event of the episode, Callie went to prom with a guy who was definitely not her boyfriend Aaron (instead she went with AJ). Most of the time, prom dates end up being someone you’re already dating as it just makes sense, so this was a little shocking to see. But the spotlight didn’t stay on Callie forever, as another piece of less than pleasant news was delivered to one of the siblings: Brandon found out his girlfriend had leukemia. Now we agree that prom nights can be somewhat stressful for both parties involved, but this is an entire other level. Meanwhile, Mariana is the one creating the prom because the school one was canceled due to someone vandalizing the model of the private school. It seems like everything that could have went wrong, did.

Less related to prom and more so just problems occurring left and right, Jude gets an offer to be a Gaymer but with a catch – the company only wants him, not his friend. Bit of an ethical dilemma there, so it should be interesting to see what he decides. Stef has a neighbor who’s giving off mixed signals due to their history in high school, while Lena worries about the future of her job as principal since the school might soon become private.

All in all, the perfect prom night turned into a dozen problems for the Fosters. As with each season finale we’ve seen, it’s left us with many questions unanswered but that’s the whole fun in it. Speaking of questions, we’d like to pose one to you: Who would you have liked to see Mariana at prom with, considering she started talking to Mat? Let us know!