Poll: Favorite Rainbow Rowell Character

Rainbow Rowell is a bestselling author of both YA fiction as well as literary fiction for adults, and her newest book Carry On just hit shelves earlier this month. You are probably most familiar with Miss Rowell’s Fangirl, and if you are a fan of Fangirl, then you’re gonna love Carry On. In Fangirl, our endearing heroine Cath is the fangirl of the title, and her biggest passion is a book series following the exploits of a very Harry Potter-like character, Simon Snow. Well, in a fantastically inventive twist, Rainbow Rowell has gone all fangirl herself and given the fictionally fictional Simon Snow an actual book of his own. In Carry On, Miss Rowell fleshes out the fictional world of Simon and the Watford School of Magicks. And he’s not your average wizard, to say the least. With Carry On, Miss Rowell makes her first foray into the fun world of fantasy, and Simon is one fun and fantastical character to follow. Is Simon your new Rainbow Rowell fave? Or do you prefer her more reality based stories and characters? Are you a fangirl just like Cath? Or did you fall in love with first love in Eleanor and Park? Tell us who your fave Rainbow Rowell character is by voting in our poll below!!

Simon Snow


Well, Cath sure loves this wizard, though he’s def no Harry Potter. Our Simon is a bit goofy and a bit inept as a wizard, but we love him anyway!!! But is he your fave??



Oh, Eleanor. This ginger weirdo is a comic fan, a funky dresser, and Park’s favorite person…but is she your favorite character??



Park is a cool dude with great taste in music, Eleanor adores him because what’s not to love? Is he your fave Rainbow Rowell character?



Cath is a writer, and a girl with a singular obsession–SimonSnowSimonSnowSimonSnow. But is this fangirl your fave?

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