Switched At Birth: This Season’s Craziest Moments

With the fall finale of Switched At Birth hitting ABC Family this evening, we took a look back at season 4 of the hit drama for its craziest, BIGGEST moments. And it was quite a season with lots of changes for all our fave characters. Read on for a recap of all the drama in the lives of Bay and Daphne and their families! Check out all the big moments below, but also check out our exclusive interview with Daphne herself, Katie Leclerc, for all the SAB behind the scenes scoop!!!

Daphne Makes Another Sacrifice For Bay


Early on in the season, Daphne has a huge decision to make regarding her future and her dream of being a doctor. She delays attending her dream school for the nearby UMKC, a sacrifice she makes to help Bay.

Daphne Meets Mingo!


But maybe that sacrifice was worth it because shortly after arriving at UMKC Daph meets the super chill Mingo, another student in her dorm, and the two eventually begin dating!

Bay Makes A Drunken Mistake…


Meanwhile, in Bay’s life, Bay has a crazy night of partying and hooks up with another student, Tank. But was it a hookup? Bay is uncertain of what happened at all, let alone if it was consensual.

…Which Leads To Growing Distance Between Our Fave Couple


After the incident with Tank, Bay is very confused and looking for guidance. She turns to Emmett, but he shuts her out, and an even larger rift begins to grow between the couple that is already separated by geography.

Toby Gets Serious About Lily


After some ups and downs, Toby wants to take his relationship with Lily to the next level, so he asks her to move in with him, but then Lily betrays him with a coworker, and the two remained estranged even through the spring finale.

Daphne Questions Her Future


An uncharacteristic D in chemistry has Daphne really contemplating her chosen career choice. Poor Daphne, a D is soooo not like her, but eventually she sorts it out and decides she is on the right track after all.

Regina Gets Serious About Eric


Moving on after the death of her husband was very hard, but Regina finally has moved forward enough to allow love in her life again, and she confesses her love for Eric in the spring finale!

Emmett Betrays Bay’s Privacy…


Bay is none too happy when she discovers that Emmett has made a film for school that details some private things about her life and their relationship.

…Which Leads To A Breakup


With all this distance already between them physically and metaphorically, Emmett suggests they take a break, but Bay one ups him and says if they part, it will be for good. And they do end up parting ways. Sad tear face emoji.

The Kennishes Fall On Hard Times


The second half of the season is full of John acting out after being plagued with money woes, woes he tries to keep from everyone, including Kathryn. He’s worried about the girls’ tuition and keeping everything a secret even as expenses pile up.

Somebody Is Pregnant!!!


With Toby and Lily on the rocks, Lily finds out she’s pregnant! Is this something that could reunite or divide the couple?

Bay Fights Campus Rumors


Reporting sexual assault can often be more of a nightmare than just living with the assault quietly, and Bay finds that out firsthand on campus as she finds herself the center of attention.

Travis Discovers A Changed Emmett


Travis visits Emmett in LA at school and meets his new gf Skye. The two have plans to attend a football a game, but Emmett blows him off. All in all, Travis thinks Emmett has changed, and it’s not necessarily for the better. Travis thinks Emmett’s priorities aren’t in the right place and that Skye and Hollywood have altered him.

Bay, Daphne, And Regina Relive Angelo’s Accident


Angelo’s birthday is looming, and it has all the ladies reminiscing about their time with Angelo. For Daphne, a car accident she witnesses on an ambulance ride along has her wondering what her dad was thinking about in his last moments.

Daphne And Bay Do Some Serious Volunteering

SWITCHED AT BIRTH - "Instead of Damning the Darkness, It's Better to Light a Little Lantern" - Crossing the border to Mexico means the start of an exciting spring break, but crossing the line may mean the end of it in an all-new episode of "Switched at Birth," airing Monday, September 21, 2015 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC Family/Tony Rivetti) KAREN BETHZABE, MONICA VALDIVIA, KATIE LECLERC

The two girls travel to Mexico with Melody to do volunteer work handing out hearing aids to hearing impaired citizens. And Daphne is so fulfilled by the work that she even goes the extra mile in assisting the community.

Bay Goes Nutso Over Emmett’s New Relationship

SWITCHED AT BIRTH - "Instead of Damning the Darkness, It's Better to Light a Little Lantern" - Crossing the border to Mexico means the start of an exciting spring break, but crossing the line may mean the end of it in an all-new episode of "Switched at Birth," airing Monday, September 21, 2015 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC Family/Tony Rivetti) VANESSA MARANO

After learning of Emmett and Skye’s relationship, Bay’s green monster comes out. It’s not pretty, but at least we see that she still has love for Emmett.

But Bay Moves On From Emmett


After deciding jealousy doesn’t look good on her, Bay pursues hottie Garrett, one of Travis’s friends. Though she eventually begins to question if the “hookup” game is one she wants to play after all.

Everybody’s Relationships Are On The Rocks


By the end of the season, errybody seems like they are about to break up (except Toby and Lily who got back together after the pregnancy). Daphne and Mingo are rocky after Daphne kisses someone else, and Eric flat out leaves Regina after discovering she visited his ex to check in on her. Daphne and Mingo’s drama is complicated even further with the addition of Josh, who Daphne thinks is nursing a crush on her, but in reality he’s into Mingo!!!

Toby And Lily Have Some Decisions To Make


After discovering their unborn baby will have Down Syndrome, Toby and Lily must decide whether they want to go through with the pregnancy. Though their family has differing opinions on the subject, the couple eventually decide to keep the special needs child. But then they have to decide which family will help them raise their baby–Toby’s fam in the US or Lily’s in the UK!!!!????

Regina Gets Blackmailed…And Outed As A Liar


Eric’s crazy ex shows up and kidnaps Will, their son. But Regina and Eric know the truth that Eric is actually the one who violated the custody agreement. So the ex is blackmailing Eric and Regina. And Bay gets pissed at all these secrets being kept from her by her mom and outs Regina’s lies to the Kennishes!

Daphne Makes A HUGE Decision


All the questioning Daphne’s been doing about her studies and her career comes to a head at Lily’s baby shower. Told by a snotty professor that she’d never make it as a doctor, Daphne has a moment of doubt before resolving to double up her efforts and ambition and continue on in her studies. Good for her!!

And there you have it!! That brings us up to date to tonight’s episode. There’s a lot of loose ends and unresolved baby mama drama. Will tonight’s finale give us any answers or just leave us hanging until 2016?!?!?!