Review: Selena Gomez’s ‘Revival’ Takes Over Our iPod

Former Disney star Selena Gomez dropped her second full length album today, Revival, available in stores and for purchase on iTunes. YE has Revival playing on repeat all day, and you should too! Check out the track list below and some of our thoughts on the album’s standout tracks.

01. Revival
02. Kill Em With Kindness
03. Hands To Myself
04. Same Old Love
05. Sober
06. Good For You (feat. A$AP Rocky)
07. Camouflage
08. Me & the Rhythm
09. Survivors
10. Body Heat
11. Rise
12. Me & My Girls
13. Nobody
14. Perfect

Revival is not quite a breakup album, but it’s not NOT a breakup album. More precisely it’s a post-breakup “rediscovering my independence and realizing all I actually needed was myself” album. And this looks good on Gomez, even as she laments trying to look good for someone undeserving of her time in the lead single “Good For You.” Sultry and sensual, but still a bit sad and sullen, “Good For You” is a would-be “get pumped for the night” banger that eschews the heavy dance beat and instead consciously takes on a more mournful vibe, showcasing that the singer is growing up and realizing that some things just aren’t worth getting dressed up for.

This “I’m over your bullish*t and now I’m a do me” theme is evident in the remaining tracks, especially singles “Same Old Love” and “Me & the Rhythm.” In “Same Old Love,” the title says it all. She’s tired of the petty fights and wasted time on unreciprocated efforts. She’s the only one trying, and she’s declaring she’s done with it. The internet is in a tizzy in its belief that the album is a kiss-off to our old buddy Bieber, but we like to think that Miss Gomez wouldn’t give his already inflated ego the boost by memorializing him on vinyl or iTunes.

But in reality it doesn’t really matter who’s getting the kiss-off from Miss Gomez because she makes it more than clear that she doesn’t need him or anyone else to have a good time, all she needs is “Me & The Rhythm.” This single is a sweet and light dance jam, the kind you pump at top volume getting ready for a night out with your girls, which was probably the precise inspiration for such a jam.

Tellingly, the album title itself gives away Miss Gomez’s state of mind. Revival–it’s not an ending, and it’s not a new beginning, it’s a reinvention, rediscovering of the self. No breakup is gonna bring her down, and she doesn’t need a new flirtation to revive her, all Miss Gomez needs for her Revival is herself…and the rhythm.