Throwback Thursday: Save The Cheerleader…

Save The World!!! As Heroes returns to our screens and our hearts, let’s take a minute to remember the OG series and its most WOW moment. The first season of Heroes back in 2006-2007 and its “Save the cheerleader, save the world” tagline united ardent fans in anticipation of the fate of both Hayden Panettiere’s Claire and the earth as a world destroying catastrophe threatened both our Heroes of Odessa, Texas and all citizens of earth.


The “Save the cheerleader…” episodes are what brought child actor Panettiere into mainstream focus, jump starting her career and fame. At the time, one couldn’t turn on a TV or open a browser without encountering the ubiquitous phrase, and it turned the freshman drama into a bona fide hit for NBC. Check out the first time future Hiro warns Peter that Claire is the key to saving the world:

And now, the world of Heroes is back, but this time with a whole new set of Evos (evolved humans). And after a massive explosion deemed a terrorist attack at Primatech in Odessa, the whole nation is on the hunt for the “dangerous” Evos thought responsible. Some familiar faces return this time around, but one face we are particularly keen on seeing is that of Claire, the ubiquitous cheerleader and daughter of Primatech’s Noah Bennett, aka Horn Rimmed Glasses. The voice of Claire makes an appearance in the premiere episode, but later she’s thought to have died in the attack. Will Noah ever see his daughter again? Will we ever see Claire again? If we do…will Hayden reprise the role that made her famous?


Hayden then…

Hmmmm… She’s busy breaking hearts and Billboard records over on Nashville…so, maybe she doesn’t have time to return to her roots? As for now, her resume on IMDB lists only her voice credit on Heroes: Reborn. But, it’s not uncommon to hold off listing such things when surprise is an element in casting. I guess we will just have to see how things play out in this dangerous and chaotic new world of Heroes: Reborn.


…and Hayden now in her Nashville era.