Schitt’s Creek is moving to Hulu!

 You may have heard that the Emmy award-winning Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek is leaving Netflix this year, but don’t panic yet – it’s found its new home on Hulu. Starting this upcoming October, all six seasons will be available on the streaming platform. And thank God for that, because we don’t know what we’d do without the glamorous Alexis (Annie Murphy), witty David (Dan Levy), his sweet fiancé Patrick (Noah Reid), and the plethora of lovable oddballs that can only be found on Schitt’s Creek. 

Simultaneously heartwarming and hilarious, we’re glad this show will continue streaming. Now, you can have a back-to-back comedy marathon with the rest of Hulu’s already stellar comedy selection, which includes hits like Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and How I Met Your Mother. 

A one-of-a-kind riches-to-rags story, Schitt’s Creek was known for poking fun at its cast of former millionaire characters. After they lose everything, they’re forced to move into a motel in the middle of nowhere – otherwise known as the town of Schitt’s Creek – to get back on their feet. Even though watching these uber-wealthy people get a dose of reality was fun to watch, the show managed to make them all lovable; by the time it ended in 2020, everyone was rooting for each of them to get their own happily-ever-afters. 

By achieving the perfect balance of comedy and heart, Schitt’s Creek was unforgettable. October can’t come sooner!