Superman and Lois: TV review *Spoiler warning*

The newest rendition of the iconic Superman is here! After years of DC Comics being at the forefront of CW shows, the Man of Steel himself, perhaps the most famous DC hero of all time, finally has his own show. And right by his side is the love of his life, the equally as iconic Lois Lane.

Unlike past versions of the couple which have focused on romance, this version sees Clark Kent and Lois Lane as dedicated parents. The family dynamic is at the core of this show, and the series takes fans through the day-to-day lives of Clark, Lois, and their twin sons Jonathan and Jordan. (Check out our interview with Jordan Elsass who plays Jonathan Kent!)

Jonathan and Jordan couldn’t be more different. Jonathan is the popular kid at school, the quarterback no less. He’s the golden boy, girls love him, guys want to be him. And on top of that, he’s got a heart of gold. Jordan, on the other hand, doesn’t have things come as easy to him. As a child, he had night terrors and tantrums, and he was recently diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. He’s closed off and reserved, especially when it comes to his family. But the most important quality of Jordan – he thinks Superman is boring! There’s an unpopular opinion – especially for the son of the Man of Steel himself.

Jonathan and Jordan are days away from starting high school in Metropolis, and we can assume their experiences will be as different as they are. And concerned parents Clark and Lois know they have a tough time ahead of them. Neither one really knows where to start. But a tragic death in the family brings Clark Kent back to Smallville and Superman back to his roots. He’s even reunited with a former flame, whose daughter may be the object of affection for his own sons.

Speaking of the family dynamic, the show quickly establishes both title character’s backstories. Fans even get a brief look at the family life Clark and Lois had growing up. And we quickly see how their parents turned them into the people they are today. When Clark returns home, he’s reminded of how his hometown shaped him into a reporter, a father, oh, and of course Superman. Reminiscing makes him realize that Smallville can also create the same stability for his own sons, and the family decides to move back to Smallville and live on the family farm permanently.

Episode 1 gives us a big reveal as Clark finally admits his secret identity to his sons. When dear old dad shows off his super abilities, the boys don’t take it so easily. Jordan takes it personally, thinking that his outcast ways are a direct relation to his powerful dad. Or, his own lack of power. Then Jordan utters the most heartbreaking line after realizing he’s been lied to. He says, Clark may have been sent to Earth to be a superhero, but he “sure as hell wasn’t sent here to be a dad.” Ouch. That one hurt. Jordan is used to struggles and now he has a new one to face. But, he may not be as different from his dad as he thinks…

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

But even after the big life changing reveal, which may have come at the expense of a relationship with his sons, the action doesn’t stop. Superman meets to take down The Stranger who has been targeting nuclear plants to cause destruction.

My favorite part of the show? A brief mention of how Clark “doesn’t age.” Seriously, is Tyler Hoechlin old enough to play the father of two teenagers? But, as CW fans have seen already in the DC universe, he plays the part so, so well.

The pilot episode sets up the characters, their upbringings and their family connections. But something I hope we see in the future is more of the title couple themselves. Superman and Lois talk about their lives, their kids, everything good parents do. But I want to see more of them as a couple. Since they’ve been married for a while, I’m sure there won’t be tons of romance scenes. But I’d like to see more of the chemistry between Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch. We know both of their characters are independent, but it would be nice to see more of how they lean on each other. And how they develop their own rapport as a parenting team.

Rest assured, long time fans of Superman won’t be disappointed because the action is more prevalent than ever. The special effects are stunning and are one of the best parts of the series. Combine that with a solid cast and moments with big heart, and this show makes for a great addition to the CW DC universe.

Will you be tuning in to Superman & Lois?