The Wilds Season 2 Recap

As season three of The Wilds looms ahead, now is as good a time as any to look back on the events of The Wilds Season 2.

Throughout The Wilds, Season Two, the gang went through many a trial, with the story being told in a fractured framework. The girls spent the better part of the season grieving the death of Nora, who was killed in a shark attack. Fatin (Sophia Ali) subsequently assumed leadership, and Tony (Erana James) and Shelby’s (Mia Healy) connection progressed to romantic territory. 

The Wilds Season 2 Cast

Regarding the guys, they were tasked with fending off a vicious jaguar, though their problems- as well as the danger- only increased once Seth (Alex Fitzalan) committed a rape. An accomplice to Dr. Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths), Seth’s double-crossing and horrific crime, further complicated matters for the boys, who were still in the dark about the circumstances of their mysterious crash landing.

The Wilds TV Show

In The Wild’s Season 2 finale, Leah was revealed to have been playing Gretchen, getting a call in to her friend Ian, and alerting the FBI as a result. Desperate not to get arrested, Gretchen stranded all the kids at the facility. Nevertheless, Gretchen promised everyone else that the big experiment would continue. A brand-new control group for Phase 3 will be joining (something that will surely be explored all throughout season three) , and Gretchen will run things remotely, with someone on the inside assisting her, while she tries to evade the law.

Additionally, in a shocking twist, Leah and the rest of the gang finally escaped to the facility’s rooftop- but found they were still stuck on an island and hadn’t escaped at all. Not only that, but Seth was revealed to still be alive and well, remaining at the facility with our favorite survivors, and putting their safety further at risk. 

The Wilds Season 2 got us hooked and we are looking forward to season 3. No matter what lies in store for these characters next season, make sure to tune in on Amazon Prime, and see how The Wilds’ journey continues.