Katie Stevens: Karma vs. Jane

You may know Katie Stevens from American Idol, or maybe you’re one of her thousands of social media followers. Most of us know her as Karma Ashcroft on the former MTV show, Faking It. Now, she plays Jane Sloan on Freeform’s newest show, The Bold Type. Katie is showstopping in both shows, even though both of her characters are very different. Let’s take a look at the main differences between Karma and Jane:

Karma and Jane have a lot of differences- their most obvious one being their look. In the Bold Type, Jane has a sleek, brunette look, and we all remember Karma’s iconic auburn look on Faking It. Their style is different too: Karma is more bohemian, with a flirty edge. But Karma wants nothing more than to be popular, so her style also reflects the latest trends.

Jane, on the other hand, wants nothing more to be successful in her career, and her personal style reflects that. Jane dresses more girly, but since she’s in a professional setting, she has her preppy style moments too.

One thing is obvious: no matter the character, Katie Stevens is gorgeous and super stylish.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Karma and Jane are their priorities. Karma is young, and is consumed with how she is perceived by her classmates. For Karma, the most important thing is becoming popular. So much so, that it affects almost everything she does. For Jane, the most important thing is succeeding in her career as a writer. Jane is still finding where she fits in at Scarlett, and won’t rest until she has made her mark on the magazine. Jane is older and more of an adult than Karma, so for Jane, what she wants most is to be taken seriously in her work.

This is where the characters differ the most. Karma is more of a risk taker. And she’s loud, much louder than her best friend, Amy.

Unlike Karma, Jane is the quiet member of her friend group. While both characters are finding themselves, Jane is more hesitant when trying something new.

Simply but, Karma is comfortable being bold, while Jane is trying to find her bold-ness with everything she does.


Much like their attitudes, Karma is more of a risk-taker when it comes to relationships. She’s flirty and fun in every way. The entire series of Faking It revolved around Karma lying about her sexuality to be popular. Karma is fearless when it comes to romantic relationships- if kissing someone will help her social standing, she’ll definitely go for it.

For Jane, it’s doesn’t come as easy. She isn’t used to being the one to make the first move in a relationship, and flirting doesn’t come as naturally to her. After meeting Ryan, a fellow columnist who works in her building, Jane begins to open up more when it comes to relationships. She takes her first steps in being bold with the men she dates.


Karma is very insecure. But that’s not hard to believe- she’s in high school, constantly being judged by everyone. To many fans, being insecure is Karma’s main attribute. Jane has elements of insecurity too. But overall, Jane has faith in herself and in her work. As Jane becomes more bold and more comfortable with who she is, she becomes more confident. But one thing is for sure, no matter what character Katie Stevens is playing, she always knocks it out of the park with her performances.

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